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Executive Board Contact Information


Aino Peltonen

Chair of the Executive Board, Chair of the Kuopio Campus Board


tel. +38 44 576 8404

puheenjohtaja(at), kampuspj.kuopio(at)

Hi, I'm the Chairperson of the Executive Board of ISYY for the year 2020.

Parts of my job are to influence e.g. the campus cities, the university, and other associations, oversee ISYY's finances, and administrate Kuopio's campus board.

I'm quite often in Lukema, where you can come talk to me, but you can also contact me through email and phone.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Dentina ry

Saara Tenhovuori

Vice Chair, Chairperson of the Joensuu Campus Board


tel. +358 44 576 8400

kampuspj.joensuu(at), saara.tenhovuori(at)

In 2020 I am the Vice Chair of the Executive Board and the Chair of the Joensuu Campus Board.

I help our Chair in ensuring that the everyday life of ISYY runs smoothly and students interests are advocated in the best way possible. I'm also in charge of matters concerning Joensuu specifically. This means running ISYYs municipal and regional interest advocacy in Joensuu.

Feel free to contact me by email or – especially in urgent matters – by phone! I spend quite a bit of time at Haltia as well, so you can find me there for a chat.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Kotex, Opossumi, Poikkeus, Popsi

Arttu Leppäkynnäs

Recreation, Sports and FSHS expansion


tel. +358 44 576 8407


So I'm Arttu and I am responsible for the recreation and sports sectors. Therefore I work on developing The Students Union's events and working with SYKETTÄ services. This year, I am also working on the FSHS expansion.

I want to make the university time as rewarding as possible. The best way to approach this is to make things happen together. If you have anything on your mind that is related to students or just having fun in free time or sports or whatever you want to promote, feel free to email or othervise contact me. Let´s make things happen together!

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Preemio, Retikka, Optimi

Emmi Rajavuori

Academic Affairs


tel. +358 44 576 8401


Hi! My name is Emmi Rajavuori and for the year 2020 I'll be in charge of the academics affairs section at ISYY. If you're ever wondering about anything related to promotion of interests or student rights, please feel free to contact me and we'll get you sorted out!

You can usually find me at Haltia, or in the café at Agora. If not, you can contact me via email or by phone. I'm always up for a chat, whether you have a problem that needs solving or if you just want to hang around for a bit!

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Echo, Fides Ostiensis, Joraus, Pistis, Täky

Juuso Myller

International Affairs and Organisations


tel. +358 44 576 8402


I’m Juuso, the ISYY Executive board guy taking care of international affairs in Joensuu campus and organizations for 2020. In other words I promote the interests of international students and also try my best to promote internationalization among the student body as a whole in Joensuu.

Furthermore, I am here to help, support, chat with, and receive feedback and ideas from clubs and organizations. On top of these feel free to come chat with me about anything you can think of really and I’ll do my best trying to find an answer for you!

You can find me on Joensuu campus at Haltia or around Agora whenever I have time to do some studying on the side. You can also contact me via email or phone!

Godparent to the following Student Organizations: Bunsen, Epsilon, Joensuun Metsäylioppilaat, Lingtwisti, Mikrovillus

Pinja Kääriäinen

Communications and Business Relations


tel. +358 44 576 8409


I am responsible for the Communications and Business Relations in the 2020 Executive Board of ISYY. I am glad to be a part of the Communications Team, keeping you updated on what's happening at ISYY. Together with Yasmin from the Executive Board and Iisa, the Communications Planner, we aim to inform you about the important matters concerning students and the services offered by the Student Union. I am in contact with cooperating businesses as well. 

I encourage you to communicate back to us! You can reach me via e-mail or phone and I am also happy to chat with you face to face. 

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: KuoLO, Serveri, Skripti

Pinja Mertano

International Affairs and Employment


tel. +358 44 576 8408


Hi! My name is Pinja Mertano, and in ISYY’s 2020 board I’m responsible for Employment and International Affairs. This means that during this year I’ll be working towards bettering the opportunities to improve our student’s working life skills during studies, and making sure our international students in Kuopio have a smooth landing here!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, e.g. if the English communication from an official organization is lacking, or something isn’t working as it should. You can contact me via e-mail or phone, and if I’m at the Kuopio campus, you can usually find me at the ISYY office at Lukema.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Fortis, Hyeena, Kulti

Roosa Ylikoski

Affairs of Social Policy and Culture


tel. +358 44 576 8403


Hiya! I’m Roosa Ylikoski, and in ISYY’s Executive Board 2020 I’m responsible for Social Politics and Culture. Social Politics includes a wide variety of topics related to students’ well-being, so feel free to contact me in questions involving, for example, healthcare, student dining, housing, and livelihood.

On Joensuu campus, I can usually be found around Haltia or Aurora. “Tugging at my sleeve” aka stopping me to say hello is allowed – as is calling me or sending me an e-mail in any and all matters!

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Nefa, Judica, Kassos, Oidipus, Varnitsa

Salli Kosonen

Affairs of Social Policy


tel. +358 44 576 8410


Hi! I'm Salli and in ISYY Executive Board I'm responsible for Social Politics. That means I work with topics related to students' well-being. This includes for example healthcare and student dining, housing and livelihood.

If you have anything on your mind about these topics you can contact me via email or phone. At the university I'm usually around Lukema or Canthia, come and say hello!

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Praxis, Socius, Terho

Yasmin Ayyoubi

Communications, Environment and Development Cooperation


tel. +358 44 576 8405


My name is Yasmin Ayyoubi and I'll be in charge of the Communications, Environmental Coordination and Development Cooperation sectors at ISYY. Feel free to contact me via email or by phone regarding these topics whether you have an idea you, a question or feedback. Let me know!

I am based in the Joensuu Campus so you might run into me at the ISYY office in Haltia or at Metria. I hope to hear from you.

Godparent to the following Student Organisations: Godis, Iskra, Legio, Tombolo, Sulo