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Student Representatives Contact Information

You will find the contact information of those student representatives in university administration who have given the Student Union permission to publish their contact information.

Board of UEF

Member: Saara Tenhovuori, saara.tenhovuori(at)
Member: Sami Gabbouj, sami.gabbouj(at)

University Collegiate Body

Member: Ari Tervashonka, aritervashonka(at)
Member: Rosa Summanen, rosa.summanen(at)
Member: Janette Hellberg, janethel(at)
Member: Anri Vesa, anrivesa(at)
Member: Marko Koskelo, koskelo2(at)  
Member: Elshakasha Mohamed Yousri, Moelshak(at)
Member: Kalle Kattelus, kalkat(at)
Member: Susanna Remes, susare(at)

Faculty Council of Faculty of Science and Forestry

Member: Janette Hellberg, janethel(at)
Member: Jussi Nivala, juissinivala(at)  
Member: Mikko Nevalainen, miknev(at)
Member: Umme Sara Santona, santona(at)

Faculty Council of Faculty of Health Sciences

Member: Heli Saari, heks(at)
Member: Juho Nikula, juhonik(at)
Member: Eemu-Samuli Väliaho, eemuv(at)
Member: Aino Peltonen, ainopel(at)

Faculty Council of Philosophical Faculty

Member: Rosa Summanen, rosa.summanen(at)    
Vice member: Tanja Rissanen, rissanen(at)

Member: Hanna Tammisto, hannatam(at)  
Vice member: Salla Natunen, sallan(at)  

Member: Eveliina Scharin, evelsch(at)    
Vice member: Kirsi Linna, kirsli(at)

Member: Marko Koskelo, koskelo2(at)  

Faculty Council of Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Member: Ari Tervashonka aritervashonka(at)
Vice member: Noora Ahonen nooah(at)

Member: Lassi Oikkonen lassioik(at)  
Vice member: Ha Nguyen hang(at)

Member: Maria Pulkka, mariapulkka(at)
Vice member: Susanna, Remes susare(at)

Member: Roosa Hänninen, roosahan(at)  
Vice member: Wilma Poutanen, wilmapou(at)

Board of FSHS unit in Joensuu

Member: Matti Nivala,
Member: Hanna Martikainen,

Board of FSHS unit in Kuopio

Member: Henna Räisänen,
Member: Hannamari Vilhunen    

FSHS Council

Member: Hannamari Vilhunen    

Board of Petition Appeal

Appeal Board is University’s own inner “court” which takes care of University’s internal appeals regarding student admissions and evaluating theses or academic credits.

Member: Emmi-Tuulia Filatow,    
Vice member: Veikko Vauhkonen,

Member: Lasse Jelekäinen,    
Vice member: Miko Tapanainen,

Amica’s Restaurant Committees

Amica has a restaurant committee on both campuses which, for example, collect feedback from customers, keep count of meals sold and plan theme weeks and meal offerings.


Member: Mervi Saaranen,
Vice member: Mariel Krogerus,


Member: Lasse Jelekäinen,
Vice member: Reetta Haverinen,