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How to Establish a Club

Every member of ISYY may establish their own club. If you would like to establish a club, please read the instructions below, and familiarise yourself with the Club Regulations, which can be found in the Documents section.

An ISYY Club is established by holding a constitutive meeting, during which the name purpose and aims of the club are specified. The minutes of the constitutive meeting must be signed by at least five members of the Student Union, who are the founding members of the club.

The club must have a set of rules. At least the following points must be mentioned in the rules:

  • The name of the club
  • The purpose of the club
  • The model of operation
  • The composition of the board
  • The manner in which the board members are elected
  • The date of the General Meeting, in which the action plan and draft budget are accepted
  • The way of calling a meeting of the club
  • Possibilities of non-member of the Student Union to participate in the activity of the club
  • The in which the club is disbanded

The club should have a board of at least three members, including:

  • A chairperson
  • A vice chairperson
  • A secretary
  • A person in charge of the finances of the club

Chair, Vice Chair and at least half of the Board members must be members of the Student Union. The board is responsible for the operations and finances of the club. NB! It is possible for one person to have multiple roles in the board. For example, the vice chairperson may also act as the person in charge of the finances.

The club application is sent via the Club registration form. The application should be supplemented with the following documents:

  • Minutes of the constitutive meeting
  • Rules of the club at the time of registration
  • Action plan and budget for the current year
  • Contact information for the club board

An ISYY Club is required to complete the Club contact information update form by the end of February each year. If the Club fails to fill in the form by the due date, it will not allowed to use ISYY’s venues or facilities, or any of the funds allocated by ISYY.  

Once the contact information form has been filled in accordingly, the sanctions mentioned above will be removed. Clubs will receive a notification of when it is time for them to complete the form.

Applications, forms, guides, regulations and instructions intended for clubs can be found in the documents section.

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