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ISYY clubs in Kuopio

Hyvät kuvat

Hyvät kuvat is ISYY’s Kuopio campus film club that welcomes everyone.

More information: Website, Facebook


ESN KISA (Kuopio International Students’ Association) organises recreational activities for international and Finnish students. These activities include excursions, parties, game nights, cultural exchange and other events. Our goal is to make your time in Kuopio as fun and memorable as possible. Anyone can join ESN KISA, and membership is free for all Student Union members.

Contact information: esnkisa(at)
More information: Facebook

ISYY Wolley

ISYY Wolley is a volleyball club that operates at the Kuopio campus. We welcome everyone, who have played volleyball before!

Itä-Suomen Akateeminen Shakki

Itä-Suomen Akateeminen Shakki welcomes all students interested in chess. We are a new, friendly club looking to play and promote chess in the university.

We host weekly meetings in which we'd be glad to teach you chess and play some games. We are also looking to host tournaments and other fun events for our members. Participating in the club doesn't require any prior experience and equipment is provided by the club. We hope to see you soon!

Contact information: Erik Rönkä (chairperson) erikro(at)
More information:


KOIPI is a dance club that operates at the Kuopio campus. Everyone interested and excited about dancing is welcome, even if you would not have any former experience. At our classes we boogie, train a bit of techniques, do longer routines and have fun! Dance styles are changed on classes and if you feel like sharing your skills to other participants, you can participate also in teaching. Welcome aboard!

More information: Facebook

Kuopio Beer Society – KAAOS

Kuopio Beer Society – KAAOS, promotes civilised beer culture within the students of the University of Eastern Finland. The society heralds Central European beer culture emphasising microbrewery and craft beer. Additionally, the society promotes responsible alcohol culture in our student community. We organise visits to breweries, beer tastings and any kind of activities, which the board decides to associate with civilised beer culture. KAAOS is open to all beer-friendly students at UEF, so hit us up and join us for a quality beer!

Contact information: akhs(at) (Aki Silander)
More information: Website, Facebook

Kuopio Intellectual May Day Society – KIVES

Kuopio Intellectual May Day Society – KIVES, promotes interdisciplinary May Day culture and activities as well as supports May Day spirited students in their endeavors at UEF Kuopio Campus. We are open to all May Day spirited students at UEF. We publish, produce events and promote any kind of activities, which the board decides to associate with May Day, regardless of the year, season or time of day. KIVES is open to all May Day spirited students at UEF.

Contact information: anniaik(at) Club (Anni Kolehmainen)
More information: Website, Facebook

Kuopion Kampuksen RooliPelaajat – KuKaRoPe

Kuopion Kampuksen RooliPelaajat – KuKaRoPe is a club that plays tabletop role-playing games, for example the well-known game Dungeons and Dragons. Our aim is to raise tabletop role-playing into common awareness and enhance our own cooperation, propblem solving and social skills in a relaxed atmosphere by playing a good game with nice people. Welcome aboard, adventures are waiting for their heroes!

Contact information: WhatsApp: 050 492 7229, jesseassa(at) (Jesse Suhonen), WhatsApp: 050 406 5276 (Heikki Malkavaara)

Kuopion ylioppilasteatteri – KYT

Kuopion ylioppilasteatteri – KYT, founded in 1977, is an amateur student theatre aiming to promote young adults’ theatre activities by creating open-minded, young and ambitious productions. KYT has established itself in the colourful culture life of Kuopio.

More information: Website, Facebook

Kuopion Yo-Symposium – Poikkitieteellinen Foorumi

Kuopion Yo-Symposium – Poikkitieteellinen Foorumi, “Kuopio Student Symposium”, organises interdisciplinary seminars, so called Symposia, and other interactive events. Symposia are venues for asking burning questions of the time, and together with all participants we look for possible answers through interdisciplinary viewpoints. According to the structure guest representatives hold a 15 minutes introduction about the selected theme from a specific viewpoint, and then interact with the audience for another 15 minutes after the presentation. Symposia aim to increase open and creative dialogue within the faculties and students.

More information: Facebook


Kuopion ylväs yliopistollinen kampuskyykkä-älymystö – KYYKKÄ promotes the Finnish skittles game and culture around it at the Kuopio campus. Club organises Finnish skittles training, events, game trips and upholds the game equipment. Activities are open for every member of the Student Union, so welcome to have fun among this interesting game!

Contact information: matta(at) (Matti Averio)
More information: Facebook


KYYLÄ is a student club on Kuopio campus operating under the Student Union (ISYY) and focuses on LAN parties. Every year we gather 2–4 times on Lukema and 1–2 times on a cottage to play over the weekend. Are you a PC Master Race gamer? Ogling Steam sales? Have RTS, FPS and simulation games caught your attention? KYYLÄ wants you in to their ranks! Watch our FB page and #KYYLA at IRCnet.

More information: Facebook

Nuotin vieressä

Nuotin vieressä orchestra brings together university students and staff to play together in a friendly atmosphere. If you play an orchestral instrument (string, woodwind, brass), then we are looking for you! It is expected that you can read music and have some previous experience/training. To subscribe to our mailing list, send a blank e-mail to nuotin_vieressa-subscribe(at)

Contact information: suszko(at) (Gregory Suzko)

Pelikerho Kärmes

Pelikerho Kärmes aims to offer students and other enthusiasts a chance to enjoy board, card and strategy games.

Contact information: kimmo.leivo(at) (Kimmo Leivo)
More information: Facebook

Puijon Suunta

Puijon Suunta is an orienteering club, which operates at the Kuopio campus. Activites are open for everyone intersted in orienteering, even if you would not have any former experience. About events and topical matters are informed mainly on Facebook.

More information: Facebook


Queers and Allies is an lgbtq+ club operating on Kuopio’s campus. We organise hangouts during the semester where people can chat and enjoy each other’s company. Get more info on meeting dates from the weekly newsletter, yammer or our fb-page!

More information: Facebook

Suola (not active)

Suola is a Kuopio-based club that offers you the chance to meet Christian students from different congregations. Every autumn Suola organises a get-together for new students. We also have weekly prayer meetings and other get-togethers as well as lectures.

Contact information: suolapj(at)
More information: Facebook

UEF Cricket Club

Interested in playing a sports once played by the lords. The game, called Cricket, is one of the most popular sports in the England, Australian continent, and Asia (amongst few of the regions mentioned). Join in for an exhilarating and fascinating experience with fellow students, irrespective of the gender, and age, inside the university premises. Join Cricket, Join UCC!

Contact information: javed.ashraf(at)

UEF Muslim Students' Club

The main objective of our club is to represent Muslim students at the University of Eastern Finland and take care of their welfare. We organize events such as Iftar Ramadhan, Eid gathering, monthly gathering, Friday prayer, etc. One of our aim is to increase open and interreligious dialogue. We cordially invite and welcome people from other communities to hang out with us, have interesting discussions.

Contact information: ahmad.gazali(at)
More information: Facebook

UEF student Bible Club (UBC)

Come join us as we facilitate the development and cohesion of the Christian student community on UEF Kuopio campus. We achieve this goal by initiating and supporting the spiritual growth of UEF students in Jesus Christ. There are counselling sessions in relation to the student’s holistic wellbeing. We organize a welcome program for new students every autumn, read Christian literature, and enjoy faith-lifting discussions. Importantly, we engage in an enthralling 1-hour weekly Thursday afternoon prayer meeting and bible study on the UEF Kuopio campus. We welcome you to having an impactful experience in our non-denominational Christian club. Looking forward to meeting you.

Contact information: uef.bibleclub(at)