Services for New Students

As a member of ISYY, you are entitled to use all the services provided by the Student Union and some services provided by our affiliates. Some of ISYY's services are included in the membership fee and some are accessed with an additional fee.

You may use all of our services and are welcome to all of our events, no matter what your home campus is.

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) at your service: 

  • Interest advocacy: We protect your interests so that you can focus on studying.
  • Student card: As an ISYY member, you are entitled to a student card which will give you many student discounts and benefits both nationally and locally.
  • Recreational activities: We keep your everyday life active by organising various events and take care of your wellbeing with SYKETTÄ Sports Services.
  • Active student community: We offer your activities, for example Sections and student clubs, which your are free to join.
  • Possibilities to participate in decision-making: As a member of, for example, our Representative Council, Executive Board or Sections you are able to bring students' point of view into our decision-making processes and also influence on the essence and activities of the Student Union.
  • Advice and support: If you face trouble at the university, ISYY staff members will help you.
  • Help in harassment situations: ISYY's Anti-Harassment Contact Persons will listen and guide you if you face harassment at the university.
  • Facilities for rent: When you need a place for your student event or your own event we have a solution: ISYY has affordable facilities for its members to use in Joensuu and Kuopio. Services Interest Advocacy

Student Card

As an ISYY’s member, you can get a student card. The student card and term stickers are some of the most fundamental services provided by us. A valid student card is your official student ID and gives you access to noticeable discounts in student canteens, public transport, restaurants, bars and shops all across Finland, as well as online. Remember to ask for a student discount wherever you go! Student Card and Term Sticker

Survival Packages (for Exchange Students)

Members of the Student Union (ISYY) who stay in Joensuu or Kuopio for the maximum time of one academic year can rent a survival package which includes several things that are needed in everyday life such as linen and dishes. The idea is recycling, so most of the items are second-hand. Survival Packages


Weekly Feed Newsletter

Weekly Feed is the Student Union’s (ISYY) electronic English language newsletter. It is sent on Tuesdays (excluding holidays) directly to the e-mail addresses of those who have subscribed to it. Weekly Feed newsletter is a useful point of reference to our international students as it combines local events, news and anything that might be relevant to our students – all in one place and in English language. Weekly Feed

Other Communication Channels

ISYY’s website: The ISYY website is the official ‘bulletin board’ of the Student Union.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on current news and events. Communication Channels

You may also ask ISYY’s Coordinators of International Affairs Heli Siponen (for Joensuu campus) or Kalle Parviainen (for Kuopio campus) to be your friend on Facebook and follow their posts about life and studying at UEF.

Facebook: Heli International-Joensuu Siponen

Facebook: Kalle International-Kuopio Parviainen

SYKETTÄ Sports Services

SYKETTÄ offers a wide variety of sports to students and staff of Joensuu and Kuopio Higher Education Institutions at a very affordable price. We have more than 60 different fitness classes and many different types of ball sports on offer, as well as many gyms for our members to use.

Sykettä.fi: SYKETTÄ Sports Services

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