During the autumn peak period there can be a shortage of available accommodation in both campus cities. It is advisable that you start making enquiries about accommodation as soon as you have received your acceptance letter from the University.

The local student housing association is the best place to start if you are looking for an affordable home and would like to live with other students. Most of the apartments offered by the housing associations are unfurnished, however, some furnished apartments might be available. Make sure to state your preference when applying for accommodation.

If/when you get offered accommodation by a housing association, it is strongly recommended you accept the offer as there are no guarantee you will be offered an alternative in time for your arrival.

In case you need urgent, short-term accommodation, please contact Elli in Joensuu and Kuopas in Kuopio (links below)

Student housing associations

Joensuu: Joensuun Elli
Kuopio: Kuopas – Kuopion Opiskelija-asunnot Oy

Private accommodation

In addition to student housing associations, there are some privately-run companies and individuals that rent apartments to students. These companies advertise available accommodation online and in local newspapers.

Be prepared to pay a fair bit more for your rent if you opt for private accommodation.

Normally in Finland the basic rent does not include electricity, water, internet or garage/parking space for a car, but instead these are invoiced separately.

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