Student Health Services

The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) aims to improve the physical and mental well-being of students. FSHS offers affordable health and medical services to students at health centres across Finland.

If you are a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree student at UEF, and you have paid your Student Union (ISYY) membership fee, you have the right to access the general, mental and oral health care services provided by FSHS throughout your studies.

When you visit FSHS, remember to take along your student card and make sure you have a valid term sticker attached to it. The digital student card (Frank App) also works as a proof of your membership.

FSHS - A Significant Student Benefit 

As an ISYY member you are entitled to use the health services at all FSHS branches across Finland.  The contact details and opening hours of FSHS health centres can be found on the FSHS website. The majority of health services provided by FSHS are included in your ISYY membership fee.

NB! If you need maternal health care or urgent medical care (such as for accidents, injuries or night-time/weekend medical care), please contact your local municipal health service provider.

Read more about the services provided by FSHS on the FSHS website

Read about local municipal health service provides in Kuopio

Remember to Create a Self Account

Self is an online student service that aims to speed up your communications with FSHS. You can use Self to book, cancel or reschedule appointments, take part in health surveys, view your laboratory test results and communicate with FSHS health professionals via chat.   

This will give you access to FSHS services right from the start and you will also receive an invitation to attend a new student’s health check-up via Self.  Remember to update your Self account if you move, or if there are other changes to your contact details.

NB - Both old and new students! Once you have paid your ISYY membership fee there might be a delay of a couple of days before your membership status is updated in the FSHS record. You might not be able to access your Self account during that time.

Read more about the Self service on the FSHS website