ISYY Communications is all about keeping you informed about everything that is important to you as a student and member of the University community. It is essential that you follow ISYY communications - it is your gateway to useful information about the services that are available to you.

By following ISYY communications, you will be the first to hear about student events, when to apply for grants for your student organisation, how you could get involved in the Representative Council elections or what to do if you are faced with a difficult situation during your studies, among other things.

In addition to ISYY-related announcements, we share a whole lot of news and events that are published by the likes of UEF, FSHS, SYKETTÄ Sports Services and other institutions. If there is something that could be useful to you as a student, we want you to know about it.

The Communication Team helps you with communicational questions

The Student Union Communications Planner, together with the rest of the Communications Team, works hard to keep ISYY members in the loop about everything that is happening at ISYY, UEF and on the campuses. Although ISYY’s official language is Finnish, we aim to communicate about all the matters that concern international students in English also. The Coordinators of International Affairs have the main responsibility for passing on important information to international students.

The Executive Board also has one or two board members who are responsible for communications. As members of the Communications Team they participate in the planning and execution of ISYY communications.

Please contact either the Communications Planner or the Coordinators of International Affairs, if you have any questions related to ISYY communications.

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