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ISYY's newsletter: Weekly Feed Joensuu Weeks 41-42/2021

Tue 12 Oct 2021 03:30:37 PM EEST

ISYY's newsletter: Weekly Feed Weeks 41-42/2021 12.10. - 25.10.2021


ISYY's newsletter: Weekly Feed Joensuu Weeks 41-42/2021

12.10 - 25.10.2021

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Next week is the Autumn holiday week in Finland and ISYY offices are closed for the week. See you on Monday 25 October when the office is open again, and the next Weekly Feed will be published on Tuesday 26 October! 

The Representative Council Elections are coming up and it's your time to vote who you want to represent your opinions in the Council! The advance voting takes place between 25 and 29 October. The Actual voting day is 3 November. You can choose your candidate with the help of our Voting Aid which is published on Friday. Also, attend our Election panel discussions on 25.10. in Joensuu and 26.10. in Kuopio if you want to hear more opinions of the candidates!

If you are unsure about how to join ISYY, order your student card or anything else related to your life and studies in Finland, please contact the ISYY team. We are here to help!

Kind regards,

Salla / kv.joensuu@isyy.fi




Exceptions in ISYY office opening hours on week 42

Offices are closed during the Autumn Holidays on week 42 (18.-24.10.).

Also our newsletters will take a break on that week. If you need to visit our office, please do that before the autumn holidays. If you have material to send to our newsletter, please send it to us no later than 8th of October. 

  contact us  



The Voting Aid for the Representative Council Elections opens on Friday!

Don’t know who to vote for in ISYY’s Representative Council Elections? Would you like to know more about the candidates? Voting Aid is there to help you!

The Voting Aid will open to voters on Friday 15.10 on ISYY’s website. Find out which candidate’s views are closest to yours and pick who you’re going to vote for.

Advance voting for the Elections will take place on 25.10.-29.10.2021 and the actual voting day is 3.11.2021. All students who have registered as attending students to the University of Eastern Finland by 18.10.2021 and who are members of the Student Union are entitled to vote. Those entitled to vote will receive a link to their email through which voting will take place.

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Representative Council Elections Panel Discussions during week 43

ISYY will hold a Panel Discussion for Representative Council Election candidates in Joensuu on Monday 25th of October and in Kuopio on Tuesday 26th of October. During the panel discussion, candidates will answer questions concerning different themes either in Finnish or English. Also, the audience can ask their questions during the event. Additionally, you can send your questions beforehand via this Google Forms.

Panel Discussion in Joensuu: Monday 25th of October at 14-16 in Carelia lobby.
Panel Discussion in Kuopio: Tuesday 26th of October at 14-16 in Snellmania lobby.

Come to the panel discussion and learn more about the candidates - because you decide who decides. Coffee and candies will be served and you can get an overall badge if you come and listen!

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ISYY Representative Council meeting 5/2021 on the 13th of October at 5 pm!

In the meeting, the Representative Council will decide, for example, the amount of the ISYY membership fee for the academic year 2022–2023 and elect Student Representatives.

The meeting will be held at campuses in rooms AU100 (Joensuu) and SN201 (Kuopio). It can be followed live or online. The link to the online broadcast will be updated on ISYY’s website closer to the meeting.

Meeting notice

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128 candidates for ISYY's Representative Council elections

This year, a total of 128 candidates from 10 different candidate lists are nominated in the Representative Council Elections of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY).

ISYY's Representative Council Elections will be held this autumn on both campuses in Joensuu and Kuopio. The advance voting for the Representative Council Elections takes place from 25 October to 29 October 2021 and the actual voting date is 3 November 2021.

All students who have registered as present at the University of Eastern Finland by 18 October 2021 and who are members of the Student Union are eligible to vote in the Representative Council Elections. Voting is done electronically. Before the pre-election vote, each eligible voter will be sent an e-mail with a personal link through which the electronic voting will take place.

Check out the Candidates on ISYY's webpage.

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Answer the Student Livelihood Survey and Win a Gift Card of 150 Euros!

What does students' livelihood consist of, what reasons do students have for working and what kind of living arrangements do students have? These are some of things that the student livelihood survey examines. You have a chance to answer the survey now! 

The survey generates relevant and up-to-date information on the financial status of university students across Finland and its responses will be utilised for the livelihood survey and in student representation. Therefore, your responses are valuable and will contribute to fact-based advocacy. 

The study is implemented by the Finnish Research Foundation for Studies and Education Otus and it is commissioned by the student unions ISYY, TREY, TYY, JYY and Åbo Akademi.

Answer the survey by 31st of October. If you want, you can also take part in a raffle where one respondent among the respondents of ISYY will win an S Group gift card valued at 150 euros.

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ISYY Association Days on 26.10 and 27.10.2021

Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) organizes Association Days on 27.10.2021 at Kuopio campus and on 26.-27.10.2021 at Joensuu campus.

Come and find out what ISYY and associations close to it have to offer. It’s also possible that you’ll find some new activities from Association Days! ISYY Association Days are open for everybody and there’s no entrance fee.

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Join ISYY's Telegram Chat Group!

If you do not want or cannot to use ISYY’s Discord channel, no worries, we have an answer: Telegram chat group! The chat group and the Discord channel are linked together so messages sent to Telegram group are also seen in the Discord channel and vice versa.

All ISYY’s members (UEF students) from all around the world can join it. You can chat, make new friends and have fun. A welcoming atmosphere and friendly people are waiting for you to join in!

See you there!

You can join the chat using this link.

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ISYY Book Exchange Shelf - bring a book, get a badge! 

You can bring some of your old books you do not need anymore to the book shelf or take a new book with you to enjoy in the evening.

The first 50 students on each campus who bring a book to the shelf will get a limited edition overall badge that is designed just for the book exchange. You will not get this badge from anywhere else!

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Get your free student calendar!

As a member of ISYY you can come to get your own calendar for free from the ISYY office!

From pages of this calendar you will find a lot of useful information about ISYY's and UEF's services.

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The BRIDGES project now has its own section at ISYYs websites! What BRIDGES? The University of Eastern Finland has received a special grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture for the years 2021-2022 to promote the well-being of students and increase commonality. The Co-ordinator of the project is Riina Pääkkönen (MAT).

From now on, the information about the project's events and its activities will be updated in www.isyy.fi/bridges. Read more about what fun is going to happen during the project at www.isyy.fi/bridges - the pages are constantly updated, so stay tuned for more information!

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The Hobby Buddy: Here are the searched hobby buddies right now!

The service is on around the year and at this moment one or more hobby buddies are currently being searched for these hobbies in Joensuu:

  • band
  • role-playing D&D
  • winter swimming
  • riding
  • nature photographing

By filling out the Hobby Buddy application, we are looking for a suitable buddy for you. The Hobby Buddy service is intended for all students of the University of Eastern Finland who want to make new friends through common hobbies and interests.

More information and link to the application:

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Give feedback about this year's Wellbeing Week!

With feedback we will develop the event for the next year. Every answer is valuable! The form will be closed on the 25th of October. Link to feedback form:



Student, write on ISYY's blog!

Have you wanted to write about something important to you or take a stand on a conversation around you? In the ISYY’s blog, students get their own voices heard and the opportunity to spark a discussion. The topic of your writing may be related to, for example, studying, student well-being and mental health, as well as other current topics affecting students. Right now we are especially looking for the writings related to the students ’financial situation, the importance of communality, and the thoughts related to mental health.

Read more and send your finished writing through our website:

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SYKETTÄ includes sport services for the students and staff members at the University of Eastern Finland and Karelia University of Applied Sciences. You can see the prices for each sticker on the SYKETTÄ website and you can buy your sticker online or from the ISYY office. Remember to create a user account with your uef email before you try to buy a sticker or enroll to classes

You can buy physical stickers at the offices of ISYY and POKA.

ISYY office
(Yliopistokatu 7, Haltia building, 2nd floor)
SYKETTÄ Sports   |   Instagram: @syketta_jns   |   Facebook: Sykettä

  sykettä website  


Exceptions in schedules during the autumn break week 18.-24.10.

During week 42 (18.-24.10.) group exercise classes are on vacation with a few exceptions.

Gyms and ball sports turns are normally available, but Tulliportinkatu school is out of use during week 42.


Looking for a Sport Buddy?

Would you like to start attending a group exercise class, but feel intimidated to go there alone? Would you like to have a friend to chat with while jogging? Would you like to practice a sport but can’t do it alone? With the Sports Buddy service, we strive to bring together students interested in the same sports, and to lower the threshold of participating in instructed exercise classes.

SYKETTÄ Sports Services in Joensuu offers the Sports Buddy service to all university students, who would like to exercise with a friend or a group of friends.

Fill the Sports Buddy questionnaire from the link below and we will find a suitable Sports Buddy for you!



Nature trails in Joensuu

The nature in North Karelia is breathtaking throughout the year. You don't necessarily need a car to explore nature in Joensuu -  there are some outdoor spaces with short nature trails and beautiful surroundings for a picnic or making a campfire that are located quite close to the city centre. Those that are a bit further away are also definitely worth a visit! You can explore Joensuu nature trails along with other Joensuu's
must-see places on the Visit Joensuu website

This week we are introducing:
Kalliojärvi nature trail
- read more below!


Everyman's Rights - Freedom to roam

The nature in Finland is beautiful, so let's keep it that way - according to The Everyman's Rights (Jokamiehenoikeudet in Finnish), everyone has a right to roam the countryside, forage, fish with a line and rod, and enjoy the nature in Finland, but they should do it respectfully. So remember to leave no trace and respect the wildlife as you explore rural areas. 

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Ask the Minister! 25 October, 9-11 AM, Student event with the Finnish Minister of Environment and Climate Change

UEF  students and staff are warmly invited for a discussion with Finland’s  Minister of Environment and Climate Change and UEF Alumni, Minister  Krista Mikkonen.

Students are especially encouraged to think of questions before the event, and will be able to  address their questions to the Minister directly. 

25 October 2021 (Monday)
Karelia building C2

This event will take place in English.


International Week 26–29 October!

International Mobility Services is organizing an International Week on 26-29 Oct. During the week, we’ll host info sessions about exchange destinations, how to apply, and a Q&A session. During the week you’ll also find us on campus meet&greets – come chat about student exchange!

Find out more about the schedule on Kamu’s Study Abroad Events page. Welcome along!



Grants of Teollisuusneuvos Heikki Väänänen Fund for 2022

Application period: 11 October – 11 November 2021

Teollisuusneuvos Heikki Väänänen Fund awards grants for wood-related scientific research at the University of Eastern Finland. Grants may be awarded for research projects that increase research-based knowledge of wood and promote the development of novel wood products or enhance the use and usability of wood for the needs of humanity.

In 2022, grants can be awarded for basic or applied research supporting these purposes with the following criteria:

  1. One-year grants of a maximum of 23,000 euros for a doctoral dissertation project or for post doc research. The grant includes the cost required by the MYEL pension insurance. The university does not collect the so-called “university compensation” from recipients of this one-year grant.
  2. Grants of a maximum of 6,000 euros for advancing a sub-project of a doctoral dissertation
  3. Additionally, grants of 1,000–2,000 euros may be awarded for master’s thesis work.

The grants awarded for doctoral dissertations or for post doc research are personal work grants intended for full-time work on a doctoral dissertation, free from other gainful employment. No travel grants will be awarded. The fund’s one-year grant may only be awarded to the same applicant once. The grant recipient must report on the use of the grant according to separate instruction. The application is filled out HERE

Please see the full call for grant applications here:

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Apply now for the YUFE Student Journey!

Students, many of you signalled that due to the obligations at the start of the Academic Year you needed more time to apply for the #YUFE
#StudentJourney, so we have decided to prolong the call.

Therefore, you can still apply to join our YUFE Student Journey until 20 October 2021!

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Kielikeskus: Support for Master’s Thesis Writing

Experiencing writer’s block? We will overview the elements included in Master’s Thesis writing with practical writing exercises. We will benefit from small group work and peer feedback. Individual feedback sessions with the teacher will also be organised.

The course will take place on Zoom. The participants will be emailed the Zoom link in advance. The course starts on October 28 and ends January 27. N.B.: No study credits are awarded.

Registration ends October 26, 2021. Registration form can be found from the link below:

  registration form  

Registration for the Language Centre’s spring 2022 semester courses is open in WebOodi until mid-October

This year, students must register for the Language Centre’s spring 2022 courses by mid-October. Registration is open in WebOodi. The registration period for the spring semester courses is as follows:

  • 13 Sep–15 Oct (prioritized)
  • 14 Sep–16 Oct (non-prioritized)

If needed, registration will be open in Peppi in December. Registration for the spring semester 2022 exemption tests as well as retake exams will continue in Peppi.


Student2Student – support and guidance, from students to students

We peer counsellors are soon-to-graduate students from the fields of psychology, social psychology and counselling. We are there to support you when for example:

  • something is bothering you and you want to talk to someone,
  • it feels hard to get a grip on your studies,
  • remote studies are exhausting you or
  • you have a problem and don’t know who to ask advice from.

Whatever is on your mind, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to listen to you and help you find the support that is best tailored for your situation. Conversations with us are free of charge and confidential.

Phone us on (+358) 0294458580 or use the anonymous chat in Kamu.

Tuesday to Thursday from 2pm to 5pm, or leave a question or callback request or a message through the chat at any time.




Peppi will take you from Oodi to the 2020's this autumn! 

The new student data system Peppi will be deployed at UEF in three stages in October and November 2021 which also means saying goodbye to WebOodi. Peppi is an information system wherein different features are organized into virtual desktops based on user roles. Peppi comprises education planning, facility and resource reservations, and the student and study register.

On the student’s desktop, you can plan your studies, view your timetable, track your progress, schedule appointments, register for studies, procure a certificate of student status and a transcript of records, and view and edit your own contact information. Applying for recognition of prior learning will also be carried out in Peppi in the future.

Info sessions, user training and question times!

You can find more information on the deployment and learn how to use Peppi by taking part in the info sessions and user training sessions for students. Welcome!

Lukkarikone in English. On Wednesday 27 October from 3 pm to 4 pm (15.00-16.00) in Zoom.
Peppi in use. On Thursday 2 December from 3 pm to 4 pm (15.00-16.00) in Zoom.

A complete to-do list for the autumn semester and more information can be found from the link below:  


Nyyti ry - supporting students’ mental health

Nyyti Chat

Nyyti’s Chat is a place for sharing ideas and experiences. Group chat is about different topics that affect the student’s everyday life.

Nyyti’s group chat is meant for all students. You don’t have to register or sign up to the chat. Conversation will be held via usernames. The chats are focused on one specific topic.The chats are also attended by employees and volunteers of Nyyti and occasionally by experts from different fields.

  • 26.10. from 6 to 8 p.m: Self-criticism and sense of insuffiency
  • 23.11. from 6 to 8 p.m: I’m different – can I belong in my community?

Well-being skills

Nyyti has created a booklet of Well-being skills for students in cooperation with Haaga-Helia . It is ideally suited to the independent strengthening of everyday well-being skills, as well as support and background material for conducting life skills courses. Check out the booklet HERE.




Questionnaire for students on current issues during the academic year

You Student! We need your help! Answer the survey on current issues during the academic year and help us better target our communications. Here you can answer the survey. Please reply no later than on 15 October 2021.


Follow the City of Joensuu on Instagram & Facebook

Follow the city of Joensuu on social media to find out about current news, events and other information about the city.

See what's happening around the city!

Instagram: @joensuu_idassa

Facebook: Joensuu - kaupunki idässä






COVID-19 info - all in one place!

Your health and wellbeing is important to us, which is why we at ISYY have collected Covid-19 related info for you in one place! Here are some main points, you can find a more detailed list on the ISYY website. Stay safe!

  • Download and use Koronavilkku app which helps you to track exposure to the virus. UEF recommends the use of the Koronavilkku app to its students and staff.
  • You can take Omaolo symptom assessment online at www.omaolo.fi. (Available in Finnish and English).
  • You can also call the Medical Helpline 116117, which is open 24/7. Your situation will be assessed over the phone and you will get instructions.
  • Alternatively, you can call your local health station and book an appointment for a test (Joensuu: Siilainen health station 013 330 2211).

Useful links: 


University of Eastern Finland recommends face masks to staff and students

University of Eastern Finland’s current face mask recommendation remains unchanged.

Please remember to wear a mask:

  • When queuing in a campus restaurant
  • When visiting the university’s library or other customer service point, and
  • When otherwise spending time on campus and attending lectures.
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A traditional Karelian cookery course for international students and their mentors offered by Pohjois-Karjalan Martat.

You will have an opportunity to prepare and taste a range of traditional dishes. Free of charge.

Time:  8 Nov. at 16-19 or, alternatively, 17-20.  
Place: Joensuu town centre, Koskikatu 5-7. 

Please sign up as soon as possible and by end of 13 Oct at the latest by sending an email to katja.hiltunen@uef.fi. Max 16 students.

Information about Martat from the link below: 


ESN Joensuu General Meeting 19.10 at 4 pm (online)

ESN Joensuu has a General Meeting on Tuesday 19 October at 4pm - welcome! The meeting is held online on Google Meet, you can join the meeting via the link below.

ESN Joensuu is an INTERNATIONAL CLUB for anyone and everyone who lives in Joensuu and likes to hang out with people from around the world - both Finnish and international students are very welcome to join us!

ESN Joensuu's weekly meetings are posted on the Event calendar of Weekly Feed and  on ESN Joensuu's Facebook page

  google meet  




Free Concerts at Joensuu Conservatory

  • 12.10.2021 Daniel Kivivuori cello concert at 7:30 pm 
  • 14.10.2021 Pieni Syyssoitto concert at 4:30 pm 
  • 14.10.2021 Klarafoniaa clarinet & saxophone concert at 6 pm 
  • 15.10.2021 Autumn Leaves violin concert at 5:30 pm 

All concerts have free entry, welcome!
Address: Joensuu Conservatory | Rantakatu 31

  facebook page  

Be Our Guest -concert by Joy (27.10.2021)

Welcome to a cartoon film music themed concert!
Please, be our guest!

The UEF Choir Joy brings alive different songs and characters from many animated movies. The concert is for all of you who enjoy live music! The tickets are sold in advance HERE or from the doors before concert.

adults: 10 €
students: 5 €
children under 16 years 5 €
(limited amount, an hour before the concert)
adults: 13 €
students: 8 €
children 2-12 years: 5 €

Remember to buy your tickets soon!

NOTICE! In the concert, we follow THL's corona guidelines.

  facebook event  


Baking course in simple Finnish

Do you want to learn Finnish by practise? In this course we bake common finnish pastries like Karelian pasties, cinnamon buns and pyörö. At the same time, we learn to speak Finnish – the level depends on the participants' level in Finnish. The course is Kansalaisopisto's course. 

Tuesdays 17.00–19.30    |    26.10.2021–23.11.2021

Registration and more information can be found HERE.
Questions? hilla.sinkkonen@gmail.com



Learn Finnish and English by listening and talking at the Joensuu main library!

Finnish Cafes: 

Thursday 14.10 at 5:30 pm
Thursday 11.11 at 5:30 pm 

English Cafes:

Wednesday 3.11 at 5:30 pm
Wednesday 1.12 at 5:30 pm 

Joensuu main library
Art Square (2nd floor)
Koskikatu 25


Global Fridays at Joensuun Setlementti every Friday between 5 pm - 8 pm

Joensuun Settlementti organises Global Friday every Friday between 5 pm - 8 pm at Niskakatu 4. Global Friday is a multicultural meeting place where you can meet new people and cultures.

To ensure everyone's safety, the number of participants is limited to 10 people.

Please call, text, or send a Whatsapp message to +358 40 0330 525 to ensure a spot!  

More information:
Whatsapp: 040 0330525 
Follow Joensuun Setlementti on Facebook 

  read more  



KAVI films - autumn 2021

KAVI - The National Audiovisual Institute presents some movie gems every semester. KAVI film screenings are on Mondays at 4:30 pm in Tapio movie theater. See all films and get tickets from the Savon Kinot website

25.10. Lana Gogoberidze: Ramodenime interviu pirad sakitkhebze, Soviet Union 1979 • KAVI 35 mm • Finnish subtitles • 96 min

1.11. William Friedkin: To Live and Die in L.A., USA 1985 • KAVI 35 mm • Finnish subtitles • K18 • 117 min

8.11. Bertrand Tavernier: Que la fête commence…, France 1974 • KAVI 35 mm • suom. tekstit • K16 • 120 min

15.11. Terry Gilliam: Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, USA 1998 • KAVI 35 mm • Finnish subtitles • K16 • 120 min

29.11. Ki-Duk Kim: Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom, South-Korea 2003 • KAVI 35 mm • Finnish subtitles • K12 • 103 min

  facebook event  

Enjoy free art exhibitions @Taidekeskus Ahjo

Ahjo is a beautiful art center in the middle of Joensuu. The picturesque building has 4 rooms with different exhibitions that change every few weeks, so there's always something new to see. Free entry!

Using a mask is strongly recommended when visiting museums and galleries. Remember to maintain a safe distance of 2 meters and do not visit the art center if you have flu symptoms.

Opening hours:

Mon closed
Tue 10-16

Wed 10-19
Thu -Sun 10-16

Address: Kirkkokatu 23

  exhibition calendar  


Event calendar

Week 41
12.10.2021 MTG-Guild weekly meeting at Haltia (Yliopistokatu 7) at 3 pm
12.10.2021 Daniel Kivivuori cello concert in Joensuu Conservatory at 7:30 pm 
13.10.2021 JOOJAKU weekly meeting at Haltia (Yliopistokatu 7) at 4 pm
13.10.2021 Joensuu Board Gamers weekly meeting at Haltia (Yliopistokatu 7) at 3 pm
14.10.2021 Klarafoniaa clarinet & saxophone concert in Joensuu Conservatory at 6 pm 
14.10.2021 Pieni Syyssoitto concert in Joensuu Conservatory at 4:30 pm 
14.10.2021 Finnish Language Cafe in Joensuu main library (Koskikatu 25) at 5:30 pm 
15.10.2021 Global Friday at Joensuun Setlementti (Niskakatu 4) between 5pm - 8pm 
15.10.2021 Autumn Leaves violin concert in Joensuu Conservatory at 5:30 pm

Week 42 (Autumn Holiday week) 
18.10.2021 ESN Joensuu weekly meeting at Haltia (Yliopistokatu 7) at 4 pm
18.10.2021 Luomio weekly meeting at Haltia (Yliopistokatu 7) at 6 pm 
19.10.2021 MTG-Guild weekly meeting at Haltia (Yliopistokatu 7) at 3 pm
19.10.2021 ESN Joensuu General Meeting (online) at 4 pm 
20.10.2021 JOOJAKU weekly meeting at Haltia (Yliopistokatu 7) at 4 pm
21.10.2021 Joensuu Board Gamers weekly meeting at Haltia (Yliopistokatu 7) at 3 pm
22.10.2021 Global Friday at Joensuun Setlementti (Niskakatu 4) between 5pm - 8pm 





Webinar: Workers’ rights in Finland

  • Thursday 11.11.2021 at 17-18
  • Target audience: Non-Finnish speaking employees and job seekers. Professionals and volunteers working with immigrants.
  • The webinar is in English.
  • Organizer: Regional State Administrative Agencies, the divisions for occupational safety and health

The webinar gives you basic knowledge of workers’ rights. We will also tell you what to do if you face problems at work. The aim of the webinar is to help workers and job seekers to make sure that they will be treated right and equally in Finnish work life. For those who work with immigrants, the webinar will give know-how to guide immigrants in work-related situations. The webinar is free of charge and open to everyone. Welcome!




TalentHub Joensuu

TalentHub Joensuu brings together international talents and companies in the Joensuu region.

As a part of the employment services of Joensuu city, TalentHub Joensuu aims to promote the integration of international talent into the Joensuu area, offer and develop personalized employment services for international professionals and work together with educational institutions and local companies to attract and keep international talents in the Joensuu region.

As an international talent, you can create your Talent Profile to introduce yourself to potential employers. As a company, you can look for the international skills your company needs with the Talent Profile search tool or by posting your own job ad.



Jobs in Finland

Welcome to explore open job opportunities in Finland. On our website, you can find jobs targeted at English speaking professionals. You don't have to be able to speak Finnish or Swedish. You can search by region, job category or use the keyword search.

  read more  

Opiskelijatöihin.fi - employment service website

Opiskelijatöihin.fi  is an employment service website covering North Karelia and North Savo regions. The service is created and maintained by the Student’s Eastern-Finland association.

Students can leave their profiles anonymously for employers to find and also seek employers’ job advertisements.

  read more  



JobTeaser - Job and Traineeship offers in UEF

The New JobTeaser-service provides:

  • Europe-wide job market: with nearly 17 000 job and traineeship offers. The service has opended to Finnish employers 25.11. and positions previously advertised on the Aarresaari.net-platform are now directed to JobTeaser.
  • Events: Now mainly online events in Central Europe. In the future, Finnish and UEF events as well.
  • Employer profiles: Now mostly international employers. In the future, Finnish organizations, too.
  • Guidance and messaging to support job seeking and career planning: Materials to support students, now produced by JobTeaser. In the future, targeted to Finnish labor market as well.

Further information and detailed instructions on how to sign in JobTeaser for the first time Kamu:


Available grants for students of UEF and UEF's Open positions

There is a listing of grants availbale for students of the University of Eastern Finland at UEF's webpage.

You'll find a list of Open Positions at UEF HERE.



Aarresaari - Jobs, internships and thesis offers

Aarresaari is a network of Academic Career Services representing 13 Finnish Universities.
The network offers services for university students, graduates and employers, as well as for the universities themselves. At the same time the network builds brigdes between students and employers.

Aarresaari webpage is maintained by Suomen Akateemiset rekrytointipalvelut and you can find internship, job and thesis offer postings here.

  read more  


Who do you want to be in your career? Find out and get a free CV check!

Do you keep track of what employers are looking for in future graduates? Do you know what salary to expect for your future employment? As a recent graduate, it can be difficult to know what is expected of you and perhaps you have not begun to reflect on this yet.

Take Universum CareerTest today and get a head start for your future professional career!

You get an analysis of who you are in your professional life and Universum matches you with employers who fit your profile and shows you how your salary expectations differ from others! In addition, you will receive a free CV check.

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Olvi-säätiö NeuroChallenge


OLVI-säätiö NeuroChallenge is a 48h long innovation competition that promotes better brain health and general wellbeing by solving challenges related to LIFELONG LEARNING & CREATIVITY.

Who will be awarded?

Three (3) best teams will be awarded by the Grand Jury. The Grand Prize Money is 20.000 €.

All the solutions must be related to OLVI-säätiö NeuroChallenge mission on promoting better brain health and wellbeing on ageing and elderly population. The NeuroChallenge is structured like a hackathon - it’s an innovation event where entrepreneurially-minded people come together to create solutions for a real-life challenge within a limited time. You will be working hands-on. A team of mentors and facilitators helps you to ideate and prototype your solution.

Register to NeuroChallenge before 5.11.2021 HERE

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Information about Weekly Feed

This is an issue of Weekly Feed at Joensuu campus. Weekly Feed is the English language newsletter of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY). You are receiving this letter on your email because you are a member of ISYY and are studying at Joensuu campus or because you have joined the mailing list yourself. 

Weekly Feed provides you with current information on matters related to the Student Union, UEF or other organisations close to students, such as FSHS. In addition, the newsletter provides you with information on events taking place at campus or the campus city.

Weekly Feed is published on Tuesdays during the academic year, with the exception of holidays and a few other days. If you do not want to receive the newsletter anymore, you can unsubscribe the letter via the link (Click here to unsubscribe) located on the bottom of the letter. 

You will find more information on ISYY's newsletters  and privacy protection on ISYY's website.


Advertise your event in ISYY's newsletter Weekly Feed

If you would like to have something featured in the Weekly Feed, please send a short (max. 500 characters including spaces), informative advertisement of the event/activity in English to kv.joensuu@isyy.fi.

Please include at least the following information: date, time, place, admission fee and the event website/facebook page and a short description of the event. If you want to include pictures, the optimal size is 270 x 270 px.



Yliopistokatu 7, PL 111, 80100 Joensuu | Yliopistonranta 3, PL 1627, 70211 Kuopio 


Source of email information: the University of Eastern Finland student register


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