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ISYY's newsletter: Weekly Feed Kuopio Week 19/2019

Tue 07 May 2019 01:14:24 PM EEST

ISYY's newsletter: Weekly Feed Kuopio Week 19/2019 7.5.–13.5.2019


ISYY's newsletter: Weekly Feed Kuopio Week 19/2019


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Happy Tuesday!

Surprisingly there is life after Vappu, and the Finnish spring weather is swinging from full-on sleet to sunshine and warmth.

In this penultimate WeeklyFeed for this spring: ISYY's Executive Board appointed working sectors, open calls for section chairs and KENKKU, and plenty of interesting events. European elections are closing in also, and we are celebrating Europe Day on 9th of May. There is reason to celebrate on Sunday as well, as we have both Mothers' Day and the birthday of statesman J.V. Snellman on that date. And happy Ramadan!

As usual, you can find the following sections in this newsletter:

  • ISYY
  • In the news
  • Upcoming events
  • Miscellaneous
  • Open positions & internships

Oh, and do remember to study :)



ISYY’s Executive Board for the End of the Year 2019 Appointed Working Sectors

The new Executive Board of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) has appointed working sectors among the Board members in its meeting on 25th of April 2019.

Sectors for the end of the year 2019 are:

  • Aleksi Kinnunen (Kuopio): Chairperson, Chairperson of the Kuopio Campus Board
  • Ella Partanen (Joensuu): Vice Chair, Chairperson of the Joensuu Campus Board
  • Matti Averio (Kuopio): Board Member, Recreation, Culture, Finances
  • Ada Hyytiäinen (Joensuu): Board Member, Communication, International Affairs
  • Saara Loukiainen (Joensuu): Board Member, Communications, Organisations
  • Aino Peltonen (Kuopio): Board Member, Employment, Business Relations, International Affairs
  • Susanna Remes (Joensuu): Board Member, Social Policy, Development Cooperation
  • Miska Tanskanen (Joensuu): Board Member, Recreation, Sports, Environment
  • Saara Tenhovuori (Joensuu): Board Member Academic Affairs

The Board has started their work on the 17th of April 2019 and their contact information can be found on ISYY's website.

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Call for Applicants: ISYY Section Chairpersons for Late 2019

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) is searching for four Section Chairpersons for late 2019. Chairperson positions are open for the Section for Student Organisations in Joensuu, the Section for Recreation in Joensuu, the Section for Recreation in Kuopio, and the Section for Advocacy in Kuopio.

Section Chairpersons are members of either the Joensuu or Kuopio Campus Board, which carry out ISYY’s local operations. Members of the Campus Boards attend Campus Board meetings and help organise ISYY events (e.g. Vappu, the Campus Happening, the Independence Day Torch Parade). A small fee is paid for the job. New appointees receive training for their tasks from ISYY. More detailed information on the Sections below.

A Section Chairperson is responsible for the operations and organisation of the Section. A Chairperson’s main task is organising and leading meetings. No prior work experience in Student Organisations or Clubs is required of Chairperson candidates.

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Apply for SYL’s Advisory Board for Development Cooperation!

Are you inspired by global development and promoting education internationally? Are you concerned about climate change? Are you a persistent communicator, good at forming networks, or know a lot about funding? Do you want to put some of your knowledge to the use of the rest of the world?

We are looking for people with lots of ideas who are committed and motivated to join the Advisory Board for Development Cooperation (KENKKU) of SYL. The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) represents 15 member organisations and 135,000 university students. The development cooperation advisory board advises SYL’s executive board on development cooperation and administers SYL’s development cooperation projects together with the Development Policy Adviser.

However, we don't expect you to be a development cooperation professional – it's enough if you have motivation and the desire to learn about development cooperation and global education. We expect KENKKU members to commit to their tasks and be motivated but KENKKU is also meant for developing your personal expertise. KENKKU members are expected to attend most meetings during their term.

Read more about SYL's development cooperation on SYL's website and visit ISYY's webiste for more info and how to apply.

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Call for Applicants: A Deputy Student Member to the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Science and Forestry

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) is a student union in compliance with the Universities Act, section 46. A statutory function of the Student Union is to elect student representatives to University organs in accordance with the Universities Act, chapter 3.

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland is seeking one (1) deputy student member to the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Science and Forestry until the end of 2019.

The Faculty Council is a multimember administrative body in compliance with the Universities Act, section 27. The Faculty’s professors, teaching, research and general staff members and students are represented on the Faculty Council.

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Last WeeklyFeed for spring 2019 on 14.5.

The last WeeklyFeed newsletter for this spring will be released next Tuesday (14.5.). If you have material you want published then, please send it to the newsletter team by 13.5. at the latest:

Joensuu's Weekly Feed: kv.joensuu@isyy.fi
Kuopio's Weekly Feed: kv.kuopio@isyy.fi
Joensuu's Wiikko-Ärsyke: vapaa-aika@isyy.fi
Kuopio's Wiikko-Ärsyke: tiedotus@isyy.fi

WeeklyFeed and Wiikko-Ärsyke will return for the autumn period on 20.8.



2019 European Elections

This spring is a good time to make a difference. We have already voted in the Finnish Parliamentary Elections, and now we have a chance to set the course of the European Parliament for the next five years!

The European Parliament (EP) is one of the legislative organs of the European Union. EU citizens elect members of the parliament in direct elections held in every member state every five years. The previous elections were held in 2014.

Advance voting for the European Elections is held from 15 to 21 May in Finland, and from 15 to 18 May in other countries. In Finland, the election day is Sunday 26 May.


A citizen of another EU Member State living in Finland may choose to vote in the European Parliamentary elections in Finland. This requires, however, that he or she has enrolled (until 7th of March) with the voting register in Finland beforehand to the local register office. If you are allowed to vote for another EU Member State in Finland, you should get the instructions to vote from your relevant authority of your home country.

Everyone who is entitled to vote may vote at a general advance polling station, regardless of their municipality of residence. Anyone who is entitled to vote may also vote abroad at Finnish embassies. On election day, you must vote at the polling station assigned to you!

Read more from vaalit.fi.


ISYY’s Election Events in Joensuu and Kuopio 

What are the European Elections? What does the European Parliament do? How does the decision-making affect you? If you are unsure, no worries, ISYY organises on both of its campuses election events, where you can find out more about the European Parliament and the elections.

At the Kuopio campus, you can meet candidates at the Snellmania lobby on Thursday the 9th of May from 10 am to 13 am. On the same day, ISYY and SAVOTTA will organise a panel discussion in cafeSAVOTTA (Microkatu 1 E, 3rd floor) at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences from 4 pm to 6 pm. Similar event was held in Joesuu at the end of March.

Both campuses will have election infos on Tuesday the 14th of May at Carelia and Snellmania lobbies from 10 am to 2 pm. We are serving some coffee and tea! At the Joensuu Campus, we are also organising an advance voting event for all students on Wednesday the 15th of May at 2 pm. In Kuopio Campus the event is organised in the polling station at Lukema. Come to vote and get some coffee, tea and ISYY’s Vote! -overall badge!

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The student movement’s focal points for the European elections are now public; now is the time for education, mobility and participation!

SAMOK (University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland) and SYL (National Union of University Students in Finland) have published their focal points for this May’s European elections: education, mobility and participation.

We live in a time of significant global challenges. The student movement’s joint themes for the European Parliament elections are education and funding for education, internationalisation, and the opportunities for students and young people to participate in and influence the European Union. The voice of the younger generation must be heard in European decision-making. Now is the time for solutions. 

Visit the campaign’s website and read more from the press release.

#educationprkl #EUelections2019 #YOURsolution"

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Exceptions to ISYY office's opening hours

Please note the following excpetions to ISYY office's opening hours.

  • Offices will close at 2 pm on Thu 23.5.
  • Offices are closed on Thu–Fri 30.–31.5.

You can check the opening hours and exceptions from the frontpage of ISYY's website.



1. Come and try on Tuesday 7th of May:
- Wing Tsung Kung-Fu at Snellmania mirror hall 18.00 - 19.30
- Escrima Concepts at Snellmania mirror hall 19.30 -21.00

2. Spring season 2019 instructed group classes have ended. Remember that you can use open ball sports, free fields and gyms normally end of May. Summer timetable will be published soon on our webpage.

3. Kilometrikisa Cycling competition 1.5.–22.9.2019. Kilometrikisa is a light-hearted cycling competition for workplaces, departments, associations, clubs or any other teams. The aim is to encourage bicycle commuting and promote everyday cycling. In Kilometrikisa every team member will record their cycling kilometers on the website and the team with the highest number of kilometers will win. Also prizes are raffled between all the participants. All UEF and Savonia University of Applied Sciences staff members and students can  join SYKETTÄ Kuopio, Iisalmi, Varkaus team! Find out more on our website.




Information on late spring and summer blood donation hours in Joensuu and Kuopio!

ISYY has its own registered blood donation group, VeriRyhmä. Please tell that you belong to ISYY’s VeriRyhmä when arriving to donate blood.

9.5. at 12-17
13.6. at 12-17
4.7. at 12-17
25.7. at 12-17
15.8. at 12-17
Location: Library, Muikkusali (Koskikatu 25, 80100 Joensuu)

The service hours of the Blood Service Centre will change on the 6th of May. In the future, the service hours will be from 11 AM to 6 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays and from 10 AM to 5 PM on Fridays. The address of the office is Puijonkatu 23 (Sektori, 2nd floor), 70100 Kuopio.




Remote consultations can be accessed from anywhere. The FSHS healthcare professionals can now be reached from anywhere via video consultations. Remote consultation is a pilot project being conducted in spring 2019. You can agree on a remote consultation with the FSHS healthcare professional when booking an appointment. Starting winter 2019–2020, remote consultations will be more widely available. From the start of the autumn term, you’ll be able to choose a remote consultation whenever you want, provided it’s offered in Self appointment booking instead of a regular appointment. Read more.

More services in Self. Self continues to grow and develop. During the spring you will find new features in Self. These features will speed up your contact with FSHS. Read more.

Stress-free area. When was the last time you used the words “I should”, “hurry”, “tired” or “I have no time”? Or when did you last have trouble sleeping, stomach ache or irritability? Read psychologist Marja Valtari's writing about stress.



Local news:

Pluspoint of Finnish Red Cross will visit FSHS Kuopio office on Monday 13.5.2019 between 1pm and 3pm. Pluspoint offers a chance to get tested for HIV for free and without booking a time. You can also discuss about STDs and safe sex with Red Cross’s voluntary workers.

Please note that the FSHS Kuopio office will close on 13.6. at 11.00 am, and will be closed on 14.6. for the whole day.



Give Feedback on Kamu and Study Communities

Now is your chance to tell us what you think about Kamu and the study communities. Complete the survey by 15 May 2019. Take the survey via the link below.

The feedback received will help us develop these services.

  answer the survey  

The 2019 Velj’mies and Siskotyttö are long-time active members of the Student Union and Student Organisations

The Student Union’s Kuopio Campus Board has chosen Henri Hakkarainen and Heidi Hämäläinen as the Velj’mies and Siskotyttö of 2019. They washed and capped the Velj’mies statue at the Student Union’s May Day eve event on 30 April at the Kuopio market square.

The Kuopio Campus Board of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) annually selects two active Student Union members as the Velj’mies (Brother Man) and the Siskotyttö (Sister Girl). The 2019 Velj’mies is Henri Hakkarainen and the Siskotyttö is Heidi Hämäläinen. Both of them are long-time active members of the Student Union and their respective Student Organisations. They had the special honour of washing and capping the Velj’mies statue at the Student Union’s May Day eve pool event at the Kuopio market square.

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13.5. Red Cross hang out evening: trip to a campfire site

Red Cross Kuopio department organizes hang out evenings for students and youth. It's time for the last hang out evening of the spring and we are going to spend it outdoors at Pölhö campfire site. The plan is to roast marshmallows and prepare campfire sweet potatos, and you can also bring your own snacks with you if you want. Let’s meet at the parking lot of Pölhö island (address Saaristokatu 12) at 18.00 and head to campfire site together. If you don’t know where Pölhö is located you can also come to Red Cross (Puijonkatu 9) at 17.30 from where we can go there together by bike or possibly by car. You can also take the buss number 5 or 6 to reach Pölhö. The campfire site is covered so rain won’t be a problem. Be prepared with suitable clothing for outdoor activities and come enjoy delicious campfire treats in Finnish nature!

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14.5. UEF Kuopion ylioppilaskuoro's spring concert 'Flavour of Sunshine'

UEF Kuopion ylioppilaskuoro is prepared to delight you, dear listener, once again in our annual spring concert! Bearing the name 'Flavour of Sunshine', the concert offers you a diverse and playful experience; our programme this spring features various pieces from Piazzolla's Libertango to the greatest hits of Ultra Bra, culminating in the famous rock epic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen.

WHAT: UEF Kuopion ylioppilaskuoro's spring concert 'Flavour of Sunshine'
WHERE: Kuopio Cathedral (Vuorikatu 17)
WHEN: Tuesday, May 14th, 18:00
PRICE: FREE ENTRY! Handbill 10€, discount groups 7€.

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15.5. Pre-midsummer Party

After weeks of first of May partying it’s time to aim our visions towards the upcoming midsummer!

Often students must work their butts off during summer and that leaves no time for midsummer partying. This year Poikkitieteelliset Hubailut and Palapelit took matters into their own hands and are throwing the wildest Pre-midsummer party Kuopio has ever seen. So throw away your books and forger the entrance exams, put on your sunglasses and come spend the best midsummer party of the summer with us!

What: Pre-midsummer party

When: On Wednesday 15 of May

Where: Passion Club

Why: Because it’s time for students to have a midsummer party!

Tickets: From kide.app 3,5€, from campus sales 3€, from the door 4€

Dress code: overalls/your midsummer outfit

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16.5. Night of Two Performances at Sotku

The Sotku Theatre will host a night of two performances on 16.5.: Russian ZONK'A's performance Essence ja Finnish Mira Kautto's performance Station to Station to Station.

ZONK'A: Essence

This performance was nominated for the National theatrical award "Golden Mask-2018" in 4 categories: the best performance, best work of choreographer, the best female and male role. Also the performance got special prize of Sverdlovsk festival-competion of theatrical works in Yekaterinburg. January 2018 this work was presented in the Dance Round Table festival in Taiwan and around 12 times in many cities in Russia.

Mira Kautto: Station to Station to Station

Mira Kautto’s new solo performance Station to Station to Station on simultaneously a sight of the future and a memory rising from deep down one’s mind. The performance dreams by using pieces of past and the different shades of darkness, the views glancing on boundaries of the sight.

Thursday 16th of May at 7pm

Sotku-teatteri, Suokatu 42/2, Kuopio

Ticekts 18/10 €
Reservations via online store. Tickets at the door half an hour before the performance.

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17.5. Iftar Ramadan 2019

Fasting is one of the five pillars of the Islamic faith, and during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast every day from sunrise to sunset. The fast-breaking meal eaten after sunset is called Iftar.

UEF Muslim Students’ Club will organize Iftar Ramadan this year.  Members and non-members are welcome to join. Please confirm your attendance by 10th May 2019.

For further enquiries, please email your question to ahmad.gazali@uef.fi.



WHEN: May 17th 2100-2400

COST: Free for members and €2 for non-members


4.10. Lehtiä Ilosaaressa 2019 – Autumn Festival in Joensuu

Lehtiä Ilosaaressa is a student friendly music festival in Joensuu. The festival is one of the musical highlights in autumn period in eastern Finland. The event will take place on 4th of October In Joensuu Areena.

The event will be started at 18.00. First published bands are electro-dance duo Tungevaag & Raaban, Pyhimys – the most famous finnish rap-artist and well known pop singer–song writer Chisu. The festival schedule will be complete in summer.


Normal :      35€

Students:     25€

VIP:               70€

You can buy your tickets from Tiketti.fi, Lippu.fi, Restaurant Kerubi or ISYY and POKA student association offices.

Lunta Ilosaaressa is organized by Restaurant Kerubi.

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UEF exchange students: What to do before leaving Kuopio

Things to do at the office of International Mobility Services, Canthia, Oppari

1) Departure Information Form and Request for Transcript. Fill the form and return it to Kirsi at Oppari (Canthia, 2nd floor, Oppari). As soon as all the courses are marked for you, we will post the Transcript to you to the address you have given on the form.

2) Letter of Confirmation. If your home University has given you their own Letter of Confirmation (or any other document proving the length of your exchange), please bring them with you so that they can be signed. Please make sure you receive a Letter of Confirmation before you leave Kuopio.

3) Feedback. We would love to hear about your experiences in Kuopio and develop our services for international students. Please spend a few minutes to fill out our online Feedback Form.

For more information, check Kirsi Konttinen's email at kisa-list mailing list or on Facebook.


Study Finnish During the Summer

Welcome to study Finnish at Snellman Summer University in Kuopio! You can choose from 3 different levels:

  • Työelämän kirjallinen suomi 21.5.–5.6. (ENROLL BEFORE MAY 13th!)
  • Finnish for false beginners 3.–7.6.
  • Finnish course for mid-level speakers 29.7.–2.8.

More information check the brochure and Snellman kesäyliopisto website.

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International course: Modern methods in human genetics

International course: Modern methods in human genetics

Professor Paivi Pajukanta, Department of Human Genetics, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles, United States

Course topics

- Update on research methods and approaches in studies of human genetics

(RNA sequencing, GWAS, transcriptomics and co-expression network analysis)

- Gene identification of complex disorders using integrative analysis of phenomic, genomic, epigenomic, and transcriptomic data

In the lectures  you will become familiar with these avanced methods!


We accept 100 participants. Please, register by 09.05.2019

in moodle (1 credit point if pass exam). Course ID: Modern mehods in human genetics

or by email to: minna.kaikkonen@uef.fi


Students can take a written examination that you will prepare independently after the course on your own time. The questions will be given after the last lecture and you will receive 1 credit point. Answers must be sent to maykel.lopezrodrigues@uef.fi within one week after the course (subject: MMHG).

Venue and schedule

Monday 13.05 12-14:00 (Medistudia, MD100)

Tuesday 14.05 12-14:00 (Snellmania, SN201)

Thursday 16.05 8-10:00 (Snellmania, SN201)

Friday 17.05 10-12:00 (Tietoteknia, TTA)



Terapiatakuu campaign: Immediate access to therapy to expedite access to mental health care

Half of all Finns experience mental health issues at some phase of their lives, but only half of those suffering from mental health problems receive the treatment they need.

The proposed law reform on the immediate access to therapy would ensure everyone quick access to mental health care after their first visit to a health centre.

Immediate access to therapy fulfils the recommendation of the Council for Choices in Health Care in Finland (COHERE Finland), dated 23 November 2018, according to which all forms of psychotherapy and other psychosocial treatment and rehabilitation methods which have been found effective in mental health and substance abuse disturbances are part of the publicly funded range of healthcare services.

Read the whole proposed law reform here.

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Free Entry to J.V. Snellman Museum

You can visit J.V. Snellman Museum without entry fee on Sunday 12 May, as we are celebrating the Day of Finnish Identity and it is the birthday of statesman J.V. Snellman.

Philosopher and statesman J. V. Snellman (1806-81) lived in the building during his years in Kuopio between 1845 and 1849. The furniture and equipment were owned by the family of Snellman.

Address: Snellmaninkatu 19, 70100 Kuopio

Free entry on 12.5.2018 open 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Welcome!

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APPLY NOW: Joensuu Summer School on Optics 2019: eXpeRience your reality

Date: 19.8.–30.8.2019
The Summer School eXpeRience your reality teach topics related to virtual and augmented reality glasses from theory to practice. Lectures include VR/AR/MR glass materials, displays, optical design, manufacturing, user interface and applications. In workshops, we are offering participants hands-on approach into design and implementation of VR/AR learning environments, virtualization of production, VR/AR medical applications, eye recognition, SmartLab and much more. The Summer School consists of lectures from experts in the academic field as well as representatives of companies and hands-on workshops.



  • Lecture: Irina Livshits (ITMO University) : Optical design in context of VR/AR glasses
  • Lecture: Dispelix Juuso Olkkonen: Diffractive waveguides for AR displays, introduction to AR displays, principals of diffractive photoconductor
  • Lecture: Steven LaValle (former chief scientist in, e.g., Oculus and Huawei VR/AR/MR): Human perception and its impact on VR/AR products and story of Oculus
  • Lecture: Tapani Levola: (former Principal hardware engineer of Microsoft in Hololens project)
  • Lecture: Bernard Kress: (Microsoft Hololens) Optical architectures and related technologies to enhance the visual experience and comfort in AR and MR headsets
  • Lecture: Next Games Riku Suomela (Mixed Reality Director) : AR technology meets game industry
  • And much much more

We reserve the right to make changes to the program during spring 2019.

The Summer School is organized in co-operation with: Department of Physics and Mathematics, UEF’s Summer School, Photonics Education in Joensuu –project and Photonics Finland National Cluster. The summer school is funded partly with the support of the European Regional Development Fund

Apply now!

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Reminder: Bread giveaway at Studentia on Tuesdays and Fridays

Virvatuli ry, an association for donating discard and extra food, starts giving away free bread in the lobby of Studentia (Yliopistonranta 3, entry through the A door) on week 11 (so from 12.3.2019 onwards). The bread is leftover bread from shops and bakeries, and students are free to take it for themselves.

The association will deliver the bread to the lobby of the Studentia building, next to tables near the porters’ post weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays until the end of May. The delivery should take place by noon. Please note that the delivery will only take place if there is bread to be delivered. If there is no bread to be given away, no extra notice will be posted. If you’re interested in the free bread, please visit Studentia and check out if there’s bread to go around.

For more information, please contact Ann-Lis Riikonen (phone 040 734 8458,  email al.savonia(at)gmail.com)



Share your Kuopio Story

A new feature on the city of Kuopio's website, Kuopio Stories gives a voice to the immigrants living in Kuopio. We believe that in order to bring different people together and to strengthen our society we need to hear one another´s stories.

Kuopio is an international city and attracts talent from all parts of the World. Reasons that bring individuals to Kuopio vary but everyone has a story to tell. Kuopio Stories serves to give residents of Kuopio an opportunity to learn more of backgrounds of their international neighbours.

In addition, Kuopio Stories is meant to expand the reach of the story of Kuopio to be heard far and wide, as people who have made Kuopio their home share their experiences.

Do you have a story to tell? Please contact jukka.torikka@kuopio.fi. We are always looking for new stories to share! If you are not comfortable with writing, we can figure out another way for you to express yourself.

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Call for applications: Talking Europe in the Digital Age: cultural, economic and citizen challenges

We are pleased to announce the opening call for applications for the 3rd summer workshop of the college of Cluny which succeeds at 15 years of  the Young European Citizen’s Convention.

Real area of democratic exchange, summer workshop of the college of Cluny  suggests to students and young professionals from all over Europe, the opportunity discussing their future, exchanging with other European young people and realizing a common project through an approach established  on respect and  listening.      

The participants are from different country (more than 20 nationalities represented every year) and have a wide variety of academic experiences:  economists, linguists, sociologists, scientists, jurists, journalists, medical, international relations Engineers, etc.. This interdisciplinarity allows us to enrich the discussions and to bring new perspectives on our activities.   

In Cluny from 4 to 13 July 2019, the participants will exchange around  the topic " Talking Europe in the Digital Age: cultural, economic and citizen challenges" And will share their observations and visions on the subject and will then elaborate their propositions on the topic.

You can find all the necessary information on our website. You can also join us on Facebook. Note the extended call for applications until 31st May 2019.

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Transparency School 2019 in Lithuania

Transparency School is the leading summer course on anti-corruption in the world. Since 2010, it has already welcomed more than 1000 future leaders from around 120 countries worldwide.

This year the School will take place on 8-14 July 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Transparency School is organized in cooperation with Mykolas Romeris Law School. After successfully completing the course, students receive 6 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. The School features three teaching modules aimed at participants from academia, civic society as well as from the public and private sectors.

University students of Nordplus Law Network partner universities are entitled to receive a Nordplus mobility grant of 400 EUR, once selected for the Transparency School 2019.

The deadline for applications is 20 May 2019.

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Call to a Consumer Research

What? We are looking for volunteers to taste and evaluate frozen plant-based berry products. This test will last about 30 minutes. This consumer survey is part of Food Valley project and aims to gather consumer opinions and perspectives about the test products and to assess their acceptability.

Why? We are interested in your opinions and evaluations on the test products. This is a unique opportunity to affect the product development and the supply on the market. In the food industry, consumer data can also be used as a tool in business and marketing.

Who can participate? Volunteers should be international men or women, who eat frozen plant-based berry products and are between 18 and 65 years old.

You are suitable if:
• You are from abroad
• You are not coeliac
• You don’t smoke
• You are between 18 and 65 years old
• You are not pregnant or breast feeding
• You are not allergic to berries, citrus fruits, nuts or cereals
Thu 09.05.2019
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    Future Food Research and Development unit
Savonia University of Applied Applied, Microkatu 1, 70201 KUOPIO
S-Building, 4th floor, room S460, MAP here.
Fri 10.05.2019
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
University of Eastern Finland
Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition
Yliopistonranta 1 C, 70200 KUOPIO
Canthia Building, 4th floor, MAP here.
Apply via this link.
When applying as a volunteer, please mention the preferred date, time and location.
You will receive information about the research after applying. The transport costs won´t be covered, but volunteers will be given a small gift for their participation.
For more information :
RDI Expert Expert Johanna Kantala, tel .+358 44 785 6929 , johanna.kantala@savonia.fi
Researcher Kati Väkeväinen, Väkeväinen, tel .+358 50 56 92 912 ,elintarviketutkimus@uef.fi

  apply here  


EU Careers Student Ambassadors

If you are a student keen to promote EU careers on your university campus then why not apply to become an EU Career Student Ambassador?

As part of the experience, you will be able to:

  •     Find out more about EU Career opportunities and promote them to your fellow students
  •     Build a fantastic student network across Europe
  •     Gain work experience during your studies that will give your CV extra weight
  •     Develop your skills in public speaking, marketing and HR
  •     Receive a full induction training and coaching throughout the role
  •     Access to high-ranking EU officials
  •     A reference letter based on your performance

We are looking for motivated, outgoing people with enthusiasm to promote EU Careers in your university.

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Opiskelijatöihin.fi  is an employment service website covering North Karelia and North Savo regions. The service is created and maintained by the Student’s Eastern-Finland association.

Students can leave their profiles anonymously for employers to find and also seek employers’ job advertisements.

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Jobs, internships and thesis offers

Aarresaari is a network of Academic Career Services representing 13 Finnish Universities.

The network offers services for university students, graduates and employers, as well as for the universities themselves. At the same time the network builds brigdes between students and employers.

Aarresaari webpage is maintained by Suomen Akateemiset rekrytointipalvelut and you can find internship, job and thesis offer postings here.

Check out also UEF's open positions.


Event calendar

In this section you can find some more events briefly with links to their pages.

8.5. Freestyle or Die - Open Mic night at Henry's Pub

9.5. ISYY election fair at Snellmania

9.5. Election Panel by ISYY and SAVOTTA

13.5. Red Cross hang out evening: trip to a campfire site

14.5. UEF Kuopion ylioppilaskuoro's spring concert 'Flavour of Sunshine'

14.5. ISYY's European Parliament Election Info at Snellmania

15.5. Pre-midsummer Party in Passion Club

16.5. ZONK'A: Essence + Mira Kautto: Station to Station to Station at Sotku

17.–18.5. KorvaBoosti urban music festival

19.5. Grand Flea Market at the Market Square (Tori)

24.–25.5. StreetKuopio street food event at the Market Square (Tori)

25.5. Market of Possibilities at Kuopio Market Square (Tori)

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