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ISYY's newsletter: Weekly Feed Kuopio Week 36/2019

Tue 03 Sep 2019 03:37:51 PM EEST

ISYY's newsletter: Weekly Feed Kuopio Week 36/2019 3.9.–10.9.2019


ISYY's newsletter: Weekly Feed Kuopio Week 36/2019


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Happy Tuesday!

Autumn is finally here! That means that Weekly Feed is back from the summer break and will be sent to your e-mail every Tuesday.

You are reading the first issue of autumn 2019 Weekly Feed at Kuopio campus. Weekly Feed is the English language newsletter of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY). You are receiving this letter on your email because you are a member of ISYY and are studying at Kuopio campus or because you have joined the mailing list yourself. 

Weekly Feed provides you with current information on matters related to the Student Union, UEF or other organisations close to students, such as FSHS. In addition, the newsletter provides you with information on events taking place at campus or the campus city. More info and how to unsubribe if you do not wish to receive weekly Feed at the bottom of this newsletter, you can also unsubcsribe HERE.

You can find the following sections in this newsletter:

  • ISYY
  • In the news
  • Upcoming events
  • Miscellaneous
  • Open positions & internships

There has been changes in ISYY Staff during the summer holidays. I started yesterday as the Student Union’s Coordinator of International Affairs and Administration, when my predecessor Kalle went back to his studies. I'm really excited and looking forward to work with you and help you any way I can!

Kind regards,





New Student? - Congratulations and Welcome to Kuopio and to the Student Union (ISYY)!

All undergraduate degree students completing a Bachelor's or Master's degree at the UEF are also members of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY for short), exchange students and post graduate students are welcome to join us as well.

The Student Union is here to support you throughout your studies – we ar e your Student Union and represent your interests at UEF and with other stakeholders. If you are unsure about how to join ISYY, order your student card or anything else related to your life and studies in Finland, please get in touch with us. We are here to help! 

Find out more about ISYY on our website and be sure to check out the page "For New Students".




ISYY office's opening hours

ISYY Kuopio campus office have returned from summer holiday in the beginning of August and is open as follows:


Mon, Tue, Thu: 10-15

Wed: 12–15

Fri: closed

You can check the opening hours and exceptions from the frontpage of ISYY's website.


Changes in ISYY Staff in Kuopio

The Executive Board of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) chose Saara Närä (Bachelor of Health Sciences) as the Student Union’s Coordinator of International Affairs and Administration on 16 August 2019. Närä starts working in the Student Union’s Kuopio offices in early September.

ISYY has also chosen a new Specialist for Organisational Affairs, Liisa Kainulainen, and a substitute for Communications Planner, Iisa Manninen. Both of them will start their work in Kuopio campus during August!




ISYY Members Can Now Also Start Using the Digital Student Card on Pivo!

As a member of ISYY, you can now also start using the digital student card on Pivo mobile payment app in addition or instead of Frank student card!

With Pivo’s digital student card you can get student priced train and bus tickets, student lunches as well as other student benefits!

You can also make sure that your student card is always with you wherever you go. 

NB: In order to use Pivo, you need to have online bank user identifiers from a Finnish bank.


Remember to register as being present and collect a term sticker for autumn 2019 / academic year 2019-2020 for your student card

The registration period for the autumn semester 2019 & academic year 2019-2020 ends on the 15th of September 2019. Enrolled students should register via WebOodi. New students can register by visiting UEF Student and Learning services in person. The term stickers are available at ISYY Office. Registration should be done and the Student Union membership fee should be paid before reclaiming the term sticker.

Student cards are ordered online from frank.fi

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I can’t get to the ISYY office to pick up the term sticker, what can I do?

If you do not live in Kuopio or Joensuu and you cannot make it to the ISYY’s office during the opening hours, you can get the term sticker via mail or you can pick it up from another student union’s office.


ISYY tips: How to Make It through Your First Weeks at the University!

In the beginning, studying at the University can be a little overwhelming but you can do it with the right attitude and proper gear. We at ISYY (the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland), have picked up top 13 tips for you to ease you through your first weeks.

Follow also ISYY’s social media channels during the upcoming weeks, we will publish more tips on how to start your studies with the hashtag #isyyvinkkaa.

Read our tips from the link below!





Dear new international student! During your studies you can turn to the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) for issues related to health and ill health. FSHS provides general, mental and oral health care services. Read more and see FSHS's presentation video for new student in Youtube.

Self at your service 24/7! Do you use Self yet? It’s students own online service at FSHS for easy and fast communication: manage your bookings, fill in preliminary information forms, view your investigation results or communicate secure with FSHS professionals. You can find also chat in Self service.

Register for Self >

Health information. Our health information site contains a variety of articles on matters related to student-age adults’ health, medical conditions, mental health and oral health.

Visit our health information site >




UEF Parking Permit Prices Change on 1 September

The parking permit prices of the University of Eastern Finland will be revised, effective from 1 September 2019. Helsinki Administrative Court has issued a decision according to which handing parking spaces over to staff and students constitutes an activity which, in accordance with the Value Added Tax Act, is subject to VAT.

“The value added tax is 24%, and approximately half of this will be added to the parking permit prices effective from 1 September. By covering the other half of the share, we wish to meet staff and students halfway,” Director of Administration Tuomo Meriläinen says.

The price increase does not take the effect of maintenance costs and cost-of-living index separately into consideration. The price increase will be automatically implemented in invoicing from September onwards.

The price of a permanent student parking permit is 100 euros/12 months. The price of a fixed-term student parking permit is 13 euros/month. A student parking permit entitles to parking in areas reserved for student parking.


ESN KISA General Meeting

Are you interested in meeting a wonderful group of Finnish and international students and joining their awesome family? Do you enjoy behind-the-scenes experiences? Do you like planning events? Then you definitely will want to become an ESN KISA board or active member!

ESN KISA is a section of the Erasmus Student Network, a student association for international students. We will hold our General Meeting on Monday 9.9.2019 at 17:00 at University of Eastern Finland, Lukema (Studentia building). READ MORE!

During this meeting, we'll get to know each other, discuss ESN KISA rules, hold elections for new board positions, and start planning this awesome semester!





Are you a new user for SYKETTÄ sports?

SYKETTÄ includes sport services for the students and staff members. At the centre there is a diverse sports calendar which features more than 60 weekly sports classes and takes into account all movers from beginners to more advanced. You can chect out the sports calendar here.

You are welcome to join us for free sport weeks 2.9.-15.9.!

SYKETTÄ APPRO. The basic idea of SYKETTÄ Appro is that the participants pick up the appro passport and collect markings from the SYKETTÄ sport events they take part in. Each sport performance is worth of one marking. The participants who return their passport can take part in a lottery to win prizes and get an overall badge equivalent to their performance: for bronze 2-3 markings, for silver 4-6 markings, for gold 7-9 markings and for diamond +10 markings! 

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5.9. Campus Crash and City Orienteering

The campus happening Campus Crash (Kampusrysäys) will start the academic year of UEF’s new students for the eighth time. The event will be held in Joensuu and Kuopio on Thursday 5.9.2019.

The City Orienteering (kaupunkisuunnistus), an event, where students will go around their campus city in groups and complete different kinds of tasks given to them, will also begin at the event.

Come and mingle with other new students, have your team photo taken, try your rodeo skills on a mechanical bull and listen to good music! You can also bring your picnic snacks with you.

Continuing students are also warmly welcomed to participate in the event!

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7.9. Interdisclipinary freshman picnic and Iloa & valoa in Savilahti outdoor event

Welcome to have a fun and relaxing Saturday to the waterfront of Savilahti! The meaning is to get to know and hang out with new student pals, the tutors and some older students in a nice interdisciplinary setting. In sights we have good food, hanging out and chill playing. All you need is snacks, blanket and friends!

At 14 you can start coming to Savilahti, The Iloa & valoa Savilahdessa event begins.
At 15 some games organized by tutors

WHAT: Interdisciplinary freshman picnic for all freshmen and freshmenish
WHERE: At Savilahti waterfront near the university
WHEN: Saturday 7.9. at 14
WHY: Beacause of interdisciplinary and picnic

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ESN KISA Upcoming Events

7.9. ESN KISA WTF (Welcome To Finland)

The new semester is soon here! Lots of new (and old) students all around the world are soon (back) in Kuopio! ESN KISA wants to welcome you all to the land of thousand lakes, 3+ million saunas, and 5.5 million peculiar but genuine people.

WHEN: Sat 7.9.2019 @ 18:00
WHERE: Lukema (UEF Studentia building)

8.9. ESN KISA Welcome BBQ

New in town? Or just want to meet new people? Then click join and come get to know more to your fellow students. And what would be better place than by a camp fire in the middle of the forest with great views?! Soo very Finnish, only sauna is missing!

We will meet at Puijonsarvi L bus stop at 12:00 and walk to Puijonnokka together.


28.9. ESN KISA goes to Koli (Day trip to Koli National Park)

Time to put on your sneakers/hiking shoes and join us for a day trip to Koli National Park. Experience the beauty of the Finnish Autumn and enjoy Finland’s breathtaking national landscape.

Ticket sales start 10am, 9 SEPTEMBER 2019 and can be purchased from ISYY. Tickets will be on sale until sold out.

2.10. ESN KISA goes to Lofoten Islands

If you are seeking unforgettable experiences in the nature far above the Arctic circle, Lofoten island is the place to visit! Ticket sales start 5 September 2019 at MIDDAY! For more information click HERE.

10.10. ESN KISA presents visa-free St. Petersburg

Want to explore the beautiful city of St. Petersburg without worrying about a visa? Join ESN KISA on a visa-free ferry trip to St. Petersburg: 3 days in Russia and two nights on a ferry! Ticket sales start 5 September 2019 at MIDDAY!  More information HERE.

17.10. ESN KISA goes to Pirates of the Baltic Sea

AHOY FELLOW PIRATES! Time to get on deck, the epic Pirates of the Baltic Sea cruise is BACK. On the 17th of November we set sail for Stockholm and take over the Baltic Sea with fellow international pirates from all over Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Adventure waits YOU!

12.12. ESN KISA goes to Lapland: Kilpisjärvi

Discover the magic of Lapland. Venture far beyond the Arctic Circle to meet Santa Claus, see reindeers and huskies, drive a snow mobile, swim in the Arctic Ocean and, of course, see the beautiful Northern Lights. Ticket sales start 5 September 2019 at MIDDAY! More info HERE.



9.9. Red Cross hang out evening - Board games

Hang out evenings continue as usual in the autumn!

Red Cross Kuopio department organizes hang out evenings for students and youth. At the hang out evenings you can meet your old friends and make new ones while having supper and taking part to different monthly activities. For new students hang out evenings are great opportunity to get to know people in Kuopio. The evenings are free of charge and take place once in a month, usually on the first Monday of the month.

The theme of the first hang out evening of the autumn is board games. Some games will be available but you can also bring your own games with you. Also some supper is available as usual. Welcome aboard all the new and regular members!

Place: Puijonkatu 9
Time: 9.9. at 18-21
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18.9. Carnevaali Hubailut at Albatrossi

Start the semester right at Carnevaali Hubailut on Wednesday 18.9 at Albatrossi!

When choosing an outfit for this party, feel free to use your imagination! For example, you may come as a clown, as the strongest person on earth or just as a spectator. There will be cotton candy, popcorn, entertainment and so will you!

WHAT: Carnevaali Hubailut

WHERE: at Albatrossi

WHEN: On Wednesday 18.9.2019

DRESS CODE: overalls/ fun carnival outfit

BADGES: for first 100 people free of charge at Albatrossi, also will be sold at campus sales and at Albatrossi, price 1€

TICKETS: 3€ from campus sales, 3€ + service fee, 4€ from the door, check campus sale times and places from the Facebook event!

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19.9. Intenational Stand Up Night at Kuopio Campus

To dazzle the new international students arriving to Northern Savo, Kuopio region and its partners invites international students for a Stand
Up Night at Kuopio Campus. The auditorium at the University of Eastern Finland is expected to be fully booked and full of laughter.

The event will be in English and top comedians, handpicked by the Kuopio Comedy Festival, from around the world will be performing for the students, including Orlando Baxter, James Lórian MacDonald and Ali Jahangiri.

The International Stand Up night is free of charge for international students. You can get your tickets from the ISYY Office!

Time and place: September 19, 2019, SN100 auditorium (Kuopio Campus, Yliopistonranta 1 E)
Showtime at 19:00 / Doors open at 18:30.

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24.9. Kauppakadun Improbatur / Kauppakatu's Improbatur

Kauppakatu's Improbatur comes back 24.9.2019 and happy students take over the Kauppakatu
street of Kuopio starting at 16.00!  This year the winning team of team competition gets 4 x Samsung Galaxy S10e phone.

Impro is all about style! This year the best costume will receive a prize as well. Costume competition is ment for groups of 3 to 5 members. So all you need to do is to get together a-4-person-team. You can also join the fun without a team.
Pre-sale of the event passes starts September 9th (8am) at the following places:

  • Lukema, ISYY Office (Yliopistonranta 3)
  • cafeSAVOTTA, Microkatu campus (Microkatu 1 E, 3rd floor)
  • KUTOP book store, Opistotie campus, (Opistotie 2)
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Test your business idea with Draft funding – Apply by September 16, 2019!

Do you have a business idea? Would you like to test its feasibility? In Draft Program, you can do
it easily without risk and can get financial support up to 4 000 €! 

Read more and apply for Draft Program by September 16, 2019:


UEF University Choir is looking for now singers to join our ranks!

We're a mixed choir operating on the Kuopio Campus. Our members are current and past students, graduate students, exchange students and university employees. So, whether you are a brand new freshman, a long-term researcher or just somehow connected to the university, you're most welcome!

Open rehearsals / auditions in autumn as follows:
Tue 27.8. 18:00-20:00 CA101
Tue 3.9. 18:00-20:00 SN100
Tue 10.9. 18:00-20:00 SN100

More info HERE!



#TalentBoost kick-off event - 19th September 2019

#TalentBoost is all about networking international talents and company representatives. #TalentBoost is making visible the talent that we have in our region and the opportunities the companies have to offer. This is now true also in Kuopio region!
Come to hear experiences from companies that have hired international talents and meet the talents during speed meeting hour! There will be a MessiLive.fi -broadcast from 2.30p.m till 3p.m. about hiring international talents that you can follow at the event and participate from 
www.MessiLive.fi –site by posting questions via chat regarding the theme. Talents can also make their own pitching video during the event.

Event is free of charge, registration required.

WHEN? 19th September 2019 at 14-16

WHERE? Sokos Puijonsarvi Hotel, Puikkari Lime Conference room, Minna Canthin katu 16






EU Careers Student Ambassadors

If you are a student keen to promote EU careers on your university campus then why not apply to become an EU Career Student Ambassador?

As part of the experience, you will be able to:

  •     Find out more about EU Career opportunities and promote them to your fellow students
  •     Build a fantastic student network across Europe
  •     Gain work experience during your studies that will give your CV extra weight
  •     Develop your skills in public speaking, marketing and HR
  •     Receive a full induction training and coaching throughout the role
  •     Access to high-ranking EU officials
  •     A reference letter based on your performance

We are looking for motivated, outgoing people with enthusiasm to promote EU Careers in your university.

  read more  



Opiskelijatöihin.fi  is an employment service website covering North Karelia and North Savo regions. The service is created and maintained by the Student’s Eastern-Finland association.

Students can leave their profiles anonymously for employers to find and also seek employers’ job advertisements.

  read more  

Jobs, internships and thesis offers

Aarresaari is a network of Academic Career Services representing 13 Finnish Universities.

The network offers services for university students, graduates and employers, as well as for the universities themselves. At the same time the network builds brigdes between students and employers.

Aarresaari webpage is maintained by Suomen Akateemiset rekrytointipalvelut and you can find internship, job and thesis offer postings here.

Check out also UEF's open positions.


Advertise your event in ISYY's newsletter Weekly Feed

If you would like to have something featured in the Weekly Feed, please send a short (max. 500 characters including spaces), informative description of the event/activity in English to either kv.kuopio@isyy.fi (Kuopio events) or kv.joensuu@isyy.fi (Joensuu events).

Please include at least the following information: date, time, place, admission fee and the event website/Facebook page. If you want to include pictures, the optimal size is 270 x 270 px.


Weekly Feed is the English language newsletter of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY). You are receiving this letter on your email because you are a member of ISYY and are studying at Kuopio campus or because you have joined the mailing list yourself.

Weekly Feed provides you with current information on matters related to the Student Union, UEF or other organisations close to students, such as FSHS. In addition, the newsletter provides you with information on events taking place at campus or the campus city.

Weekly Feed is published on Tuesdays during the academic year, with the exception of holidays and a few other days. If you do not want to receive the newsletter anymore, you can unsubscribe the letter via the link ("Click here to unsubscribe") located on the bottom of the letter.

You will find more information on ISYY's newsletters (Weekly Feed) and data protection on ISYY's website.



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