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ISYY is calling for representatives for SYL’s Advisory Board for Development Cooperation

Are you inspired by global development and promoting education internationally? Are you a persistent communicator, good at forming networks, or know a lot about funding? Do you want to put some of your knowledge to the use of the rest of the world? Or perhaps there are persons fitting this description at your student union?

We are looking for people with lots of ideas who are committed and motivated to join the Advisory Board for Development Cooperation (KENKKU) of SYL. SYL is Finland’s largest lobby and service organisation for university students. We represent 15 member corporations and 135,000 university students. The development cooperation advisory board advises SYL’s executive board on development cooperation, and administers SYL’s development cooperation projects together with the Coordinator for Development Cooperation. In 2016, we will be applying for traditional projects, but also looking for a new direction for our development cooperation work. We will ponder, for instance, joint projects, working with businesses, and new marketing of development cooperation work. The term of office is from August 2016 to August 2017.

We kick off with a joint picnic for the current and new advisory board. We will elect 15 members, some of
whom will be continuing from the previous term. The board meets about once a month in Helsinki and telework in various degrees between meetings. At the meetings we serve lunch, which we each in our turn help prepare. We also cover the travel expenses for the member of the board to participate in the meetings.

The National Union of University Students in Finland SYL take responsibility for the poorest of all. We strive
to support education in developing countries. During 2015, SYL had a project in Mozambique where we worked on improving reading and writing skills among first and second form students by handing out 800 exercise books and training teachers. The schools who took part in our project scored highest on learning outcomes in the regional comparison of Maputo. Our project in Guatemala aimed to improve the livelihood of indigenous Maya women through growing and selling avocados: our project organised 39 trainings in growing avocados and more 2,000 seeds for avocado was planted. The project in Guatemala will continue during the advisory board’s mandate and we will also apply for a continuation of the projects in Mozambique and Mongolia.

We are looking for people with different skills for the advisory board:

1) A coordinator for communication for the Advisory Board for Development Cooperation (1). The communication coordinator will ensure that our development cooperation work is visible on social media. Coordinator will also create content and come up with ideas for developing communication. The communication coordinator also coordinates visibility towards our member student unions.

2) Members of the project administration group for Guatemala (4-5), chairperson and communication officer. The position include work on administering the development cooperation project in Guatemala. Members will also focus on annual reports and plans as well as keep in touch with our local partners. For this position, you will need motivation, interest in and knowledge of project administration, ability to work independently, as well as knowledge of Spanish. From the member of the Guatemala administration group, a chairperson and an information officer for the group will be elected. The information officer will be expected to write blog posts, be active on Instagram, and disseminate information about the project. The position as chairperson is a great opportunity to develop project administration and leadership skills. The chairperson keeps in touch with SYL’s development cooperation coordinator on issues pertaining to the project and handles practicalities of the group.

3) Members for the funding team (3). The funding team will ponder SYL’s option for a new direction for our development cooperation work, especially with a view to fundraising. How will we continue to provide development cooperation work of high quality when circumstances change and the sources of funding from e.g. the Ministry for Foreign Affairs narrow. Members of this team are expected to be inventive and be able to provide points of view on marketing and finances. A chairperson will be elected from among the team members.

4) Members of the event team (4). The member of the event team come up with ideas for and organise possible development cooperation events, such as participating in the Global Village festival. The event team may also be part of organising the Development Cooperation Theme Week.

SYL ask the student unions to submit proposals for 1-2 member for the Advisory Board for Development Cooperation. We do not require student unions to have local development cooperation activities and welcome applicants from various background. Applications should include a résumé and a cover letter. In the letter, the applicant can present their views on and experience in the field. Applicants are also asked to include ideas for how they would improve the level of awareness and knowledge of SYL’s development cooperation work at their student union and among students. Applicants should express their interest in positions based on the position profiles outlined above.

Please send the application form before 30.4. by email to isaac.adaam(at)isyy.fi

More information:

Isaac Adaam, Development cooperation and environment, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, p. 044 576 8402, isaac.adaam(at)isyy.fi