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ISYY’s May Day celebrations 2015

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) will celebrate May Day at its campuses in Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna during 21.4.−1.5.2014. The programme includes festivities organized by the Student Union as well as student organizations.

Put on your overalls and come and celebrate the academic festival with us!

You will find information on the events of the May Day celebrations here. Check also Joensuu and Kuopio Monday Mails, ISYY’s Facebook page and website and the “ISYY:n RAIlakas  vappu Kuopiossa/Joensuussa/Savonlinnassa″ Facebook events.

Initial programme and timetable at campuses:

Joensuu campus events

23.4.2015 8-Appro 2015!, Mikrovillus
29.4.2015 Savo-Karjala excursion
29.4.2015 Amazing Race
30.4.2015 Forestry students’ “dip in the river” in Ilosaari at 12noon
30.4.2015 Vappu parade from Carelia standing stones to Ilosaari. Performances by UEF choir Joy and Rytmihäiriköt Big Band. Meet at Carelia Standing stones at 15.00
30.4.2015 Vappu Salsa Party by the Suvantosilta bridge 18.00-21.00
1.5.2015 May Day Vintage Cars Parade in Joensuu town centre at 11.30
1.5.2015 May Day Student Picnic at Ilosaari from 12noon
1.5.2015 A May Day movie Cobra (1986) at Restaurant Kerubi starting from 12.30
1.5.2015 Ice hockey on the big screen in Kerubi: Finland vs USA at 16.00
1.5.-3.5. 2015 SimaCon Boardgaming Vappu event at Educa during the whole weekend
9.5.2015 ESN Joensuu Holi event – festival of colours at the Art Museum at 11.00

Kuopio campus events

21.4.2015 Rännikujajuoksu by Socius ry at 18.00 at the main market area of Kuopio city
23.4. 2015 Preemio’s May Day football tournament on Savon Sanomat Arena at 10.00-15.00
23.4.2015 Palapelibileet vol. 6: Countdown to May day!  in Puikkari at 21.00
25.4.2015 Retikka’s Flea market and organisations selling overall patches in Studentia at 12-16
25.4.2015 Socius´s spring party Kewätkarkelot at Wanha Satama
26.4.2015 May Day Grill at 16.00 @ Pyöräkatu. Sausages served, but bring your own if you’re feeling very hungry!
26.4.2015 Preemio’s vappusitsit in Lukema
27.4.2015 Vappu hang out in Tiukanlinna
27.4.2015 Students “Ravikunkku 2015” king of the trot –competition at Sorsasalo trotting-track
27.4.2015 Interdisciplinary May Day sitsit in Lukema at 18.00
28.4.2015 Day of the Gladiators (Kuolo, Dentina, Preemio and Serveri) starting from 15.00 at Studentia grounds
28.4.2015 KuoLo’s WappuRock at Puikkari
28.4.2015 ESN KISA: White T-shirt Farewell party at Passion night club
29.4.2015 Savo-Karjala excursion
30.4.2015 May Day Eve’s celebrations:
– 13.00 Teeth brushing at Lukema´s yard
– 14.00 Initiation to Education in the big auditorium @ SN100 (SL)
– 17.45 Pool event at main market area of the Kuopio
– 21.00 Evening party at Puikkari (presold at Lukema 6 €, if you buy ticket in advance, you get past the queue until 23. Tickets from the door cost 8 €. Performer: Finnish rapper Petri Nygård (showtime at 24.00). Cloack room costs 3 €.
1.5.2015 May Day brunch at Valkeinen. Dress according to the weather and bring something to grill with you. And don’t forget your good mood!

Savonlinna campus events

30.4.2015 May Day Eve’s celebrations
– 16.00 gathering at the University
– 16.45 adorn Joel Lehtonen statue with flowers
– 18.00 programme in Tallisaari
Speech of the SU
Postulation of the Ram
Gaudeamus Igitur
1.5.2015 Brunch in Sulosaari with student organizations.

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