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Kampusrysäys in Kuopio

The Kampusrysäys (‘Campus Crash’) in Kuopio will be held in Studentia’s grounds on Thu 3.9. at 15.30–18.00. Bring your own picnic food with you and dine while listening to great music. The Kampusrysäys offers visitors great music played by Tesno (dj) and The Wingmen (band). You can also Pimp you team outfit in Lukema if you did not have time to do it beforehand! In addition, you can also get to know several clubs, campus boards and local operator. They will tell you about themselves and their activities. First year students’ own happening “Kaupunkisuunnistus” (‘City Orientation‘) starts from the event at 17.15.

KUOPIO Thu 3.9.2015 at 15.30–18.00
Place: Studentia grounds

15.30 Opening ceremonies: Welcoming words and official opening of the event by Juho Pulkka, Dj and picnic (bring your own picnic lunch)
15.40 Enrollment for City Orientation opens
16.00 Band, The Wingmen
17.05 Sykettä warming up for those participating the City Orientation (and for others as well)
17.15 First year students’ own happening “Kaupunkisuunnistus” (‘City Orientation‘) starts.
18.00 The event ends

Info on Kuopio’s City Orientation:
City orientation starts from Kampusrysäys on 3.9.2015. Enrolment takes place at 15.35–17.00 in Lukema (Student Union’s office). Collect a team of approximately 10 new students & your tutor and invent team name. When enrolling, you will get a city map with ten check points, overall badges and free special bracelets for afterparty in Ilona. There will be four starts: 17.15, 17.30, 17.45 and 18.00. The order will be determined by the order in which groups have enrolled. All new students can participate on City Orientation. Tradition is that every team has their very own theme dresses. It is not compulsory but it makes the orientation a bit funnier!

After party:
The after party will be in Ilona night club. Tickets for the after party cost 4 € and they can be purchased also by other than new students. The ticket includes entrance and the cloakroom fee. Those participating in the City Orientation will get in for free with special bracelets given to them (cloakroom is not included). Please note that the city orientation bracelets are valid only before 11pm. There will be 200 tickets available and they can be purchased at ISYY’s campus office in Kuopio (at Lukema). Please remember to keep your ID with you when entering Ilona! After the party there will be free bus back to Neulamäki and Puijonlaakso at 3.30am.

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