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Sport courses available in Kuopio – also without the ”SYKETTÄ” sticker!

The following sport courses are now available for students in Kuopio also without the ”SYKETTÄ” sticker:

Track and field course
First time on Tuesday 11.3.
Weeks 11–20, 10 times 90 minutes in total.
On Tuesdays at 17.30–19.00, Kuopio sports hall and Puijo outdoor sports area.
Cost: 60 € (with SYKETTÄ-sticker) / 65 € (others)

Sircus course
First time on Wednesday 12.3.
Weeks 11–19, 8 times 90 minutes in total.
On Wednesdays at 14.30–16.00, Männistö Youth house
Cost: 70 € (with SYKETTÄ-sticker) / 75 € (others)

Badminton for beginners
First time on Monday 17.3.
Weeks 12–16, 5 times 60 minutes in total.
On Mondays at 18.00–19.00, Studentia Sports hall/ sections 1–2.
Cost: 10 € (with SYKETTÄ-sticker) / 15 € (others)

Swimming techniques – Learn the basics
First time on Tuesday 1.4.
Weeks 14–15, 4 times 60 minutes in total.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 20.30–21.30 in Niirala Swimming Hall
Cost: 40 € (with SYKETTÄ-sticker) / 45 € (others)

More information about the courses on Sykettä.fi website.


Those with the SYKETTÄ-sticker: Via webpages event calendar, go to the courses first time, enroll for that first time and you will enroll for the whole course.

Others: Send an email to saara.hanhela@savonia.fi. Write for the title: Enrolling/Name of the sports course, write for the message: Name, date of birth, what university you go to, student/staff member, phone number

More information:

Saara Hanhela, ”Sykettä Savilahdella” project, +358 (0) 44 785 5087, Saara.Hanhela@savonia.fi


Published on 10.3.2014