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The fall is dark and it’s cold under the bridges – help out a homeless student, offer temporary housing!

Just like previous years, this year the arrival of old and new students poses challenges in Joensuu, as there is a lack of student housing options. All arriving students have not found accommodation, and at the moment there are about two hundred students on the Joensuun Elli housing waiting list. ISYY tries to find students temporary housing until Joensuun Elli is able to provide them with housing solutions, and this is something you can help with! Have an available apartment, a room for rent or even a free bed in Joensuu? Have room for a homeless student? Be a hero and offer temporary accommodation!

What exactly is needed: There is an especially acute need for temporary housing solutions for students, so apartments, rooms and even beds – anything goes! Joensuun Elli usually sorts out their build up by the end of September, so until then the need is real. We also need some longer term accomodation options. Everything will be taken into consideration – furnished as well as unfurnished.

Why should I offer help?:  Giving a student a room or a bed for a month is an excellent opportunity to show North-Karelian friendliness! The student won’t end up under a bridge and in addition to the rent money you’ll feel good for helping someone in need!

We have room! Where do I find a homeless student?:  You can inform us about available accommodation on our website (http://isyy.fi/palvelut/hyvinvointi/asuminen/tarjoa-asuntoasi-vuokralle/), via email: housing(at)uef.fi or by contactin our Secretary of Student Tutoring, Jarno Pitko at 044 576 8415.

Help a student out!