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#WhatISYY series continues now at the start of the May Day celebrations with ISYY’s events!

ISYY organizes plenty of events during the academic year and some of them are for sure the most unforgettable during the whole student time. All of the events are always open to every member of the student union. ISYY’s major events are in the beginning or in the end of the academic year, during the May Day celebrations. During the academic year, ISYY organizes also a plenty of hangout evenings, theme weeks and many other smaller events.

The academic year begins with an event called Kampusrysäys simultaneously on both campuses, followed by one of the most memorable and unforgettable events of every student’s 1st year, the City Orienteering. On the Finnish independence day ISYY organizes Independence Day Torch Parade in Joensuu and Kuopio.

The May Day celebrations last for weeks and make up for the most eventful time of the academic year, also reminding everyone of the approaching summer!

One of ISYY’s most traditional events during the May Day Week are the Savo-Karjala excursions in Joensuu and Kuopio. The main idea of the excursions are to travel by bus and visit small local pubs in the nearby villages.

On May Day eve, ISYY organizes a main May Day event with academic traditions, including the May Day parade and washing the “Torso” in Joensuu, capping of the Velj’mies statue and the “swimming” of the professor at the Kuopio market square and the capping of the Pässi in Savonlinna. The May Day events also include speeches, parades and shows from students.

All the upcoming events can be spotted in ISYY’s communication channels!

The events during May Day celebrations:

Vappu in Kuopio 2018
Vappu in Joensuu 2018

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