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What ISYY: Sections

#whatISYY series continues with the Sections!

Did you know that there are three different Sections operating in ISYY? Purpose of the Sections is to operate as a link between ISYY, student organisations and student clubs. Sections provide the members opportunities to influence the Student Union’s actions and at the same time, Sections bring the Student Union’s actions closer to the students.

These three different Sections that operate in Joensuu and Kuopio are the Section for Advocacy, Section for Recreation and the Section for Student Organisations. In Savonlinna, tasks of the Sections are taken care of by the local student organisations. The chairs to the sections are chosen annually by the Representative Council.

Section for advocacy

Everyone who is interested in academic affairs and social policy can participate in the meetings of the Section for Advocacy. In the meetings are discussed on topical matters of academic affairs and social policy problems that concern students.

Section of Recreation

Chairpersons of the student clubs and representatives appointed by the student organisations participate in actions of the Section for Recreation. In the meetings of the Section for Recreation are discussed on the coming events of the student organisations and matters related to organising those events.

Sections for Advocacy and Recreation are open for all members of the Student Union.

Section for Student Organiations

Section for Student Organisations is meant only for the chairpersons of the student organisations. Purpose of the Section for Student Organisations is to gather all chairpersons of the student organisations around the same table, and thus develop the cooperation between the student organisations that operate at the same campus.

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