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What ISYY: Staff

If you have visited ISYY’s office in Joensuu, Kuopio or Savonlinna, you have met at least one of our staff members. But did you know that at the moment there are in total 17 of us working at different campuses?

You can always contact the staff members of ISYY, if you have something in your mind or if you long for an answer for a question that concerns e.g. the Student Union, UEF, Sports Services or study aid. If we don’t know the answer, we will figure it out together or guide you forward.

Staff in Joensuu

At the Joensuu’s office, located on the second floor of the Haltia building (Yliopistokatu 7), you can meet for example Juho Mutanen, our Secretary for Recreation and Sports Affairs. Juho organises recreational activities, such as various events of ISYY, operates as a contact person of the student clubs and organisations, and also produces SYKETTÄ sports services in Joensuu.

In addition, in Joensuu there are Pekka Koivaara, our Specialist in Interest Advocacy Affairs and Contact Person in Affairs of Harassment; Heli Siponen, Secretary for International Affairs, who operates with the international students and matters that concern them; Heli Aalto, Sports Coordinator, who produces and designs the SYKETTÄ university sports services in Joensuu; and Hannele Mirola, our Office Secretary, who gives you the term sticker in your student card, loans you skates and answers questions you have in mind.

At the Joensuu office, you can also meet Jussi Turunen, the Chief Editor of our student magazine Uljas, and Kalevi Hämäläinen, who is doing his civilian service at ISYY.

Staff in Kuopio

At the Kuopio office at Lukema (Yliopistonranta 3) you can ask Roosa Hänninen, our Specialist in Organisational Affairs, to help you with matters related to student card or membership fee. Roosa is also in charge of Studentia’s band practice rooms and works as a contact person of student organisations, campus organisations and student clubs which operate at the Kuopio campus.

In Kuopio, you can also find Annika Rajasalo, our Coordinator of International Affairs and Administration, who takes care of the interest advocacy and services of the international students, makes reservations for Lukema and Tiukanlinna and operates as the Contact Person in Affairs of Harassment in Kuopio.

In addition, there are Mikko Aaltonen, our Specialist in Academic and Social Affairs, whom you can contact in any matter related to interest advocacy; Heljä Koistinen, Communications Planner, who coordinates and works with communications of ISYY; Erja Leinonen, our Accountant; and Sirpa Risto, ‘Paristo’, Sports Coordinator, who produces the SYKETTÄ sports services in Kuopio.

Iisa Manninen, Producer of the student magazine Uljas works also in Kuopio, as well as Valto Merta, responsible for advertisements in Uljas, and Terhi Valtanen, who is in charge of the ISYY kiosk at Canthia.


Staff in Savonlinna

Anna-Kristiina Mikkonen, ‘A-K’, our Secretary General is working in Savonlinna. Anna-Kristiina is the head of the employed staff and is e.g. in charge of the Student Union’s finances and operates as the Secretary in the meetings of the Executive Board and the Representative Council. Until the end of May 2018, Liisa Kainulainen, our Office Secretary, operates also in Savonlinna by taking care of communications, organising events as well as helping in matters related to e.g. student cards.

Our contact information and more specific introductions of the staff can be found at ISYY’s website.

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