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ESN KISA’s new board was chosen

15th September 2015 ESN KISA had a General Meeting at Studentia where the new board members and active members were selected. New members and their positions in the board are:

President and Vice Local Representative: Miia Vaara (will keep her positions during the fall 2015)

Vice President: Gwendolyn Donley

Secretary / Local Representative: Isabell Rumrich

Treasurer and IT Coordinator: Anu Kinnunen

Trip Coordinator: Joona Oksanen

Event Manager: Eline Verhoeven, Silke Andreas (also SocialErasmus Coordinator) and Finn Stallbaum

Sports Coordinator: Peter Mulligan

Active members for the upcoming semester are:  Dasha Ermolovich (also ExchangeAbility Coordinatior), Oleg Afanasev, Aigerim Suleimen, Eline Verhoeven, Charlotte Kikken,  Mariia Pohorila, Mesi Johanna Lintunen, Rami el Diri, Sarang Quazi and Antti Rantakokko.

Congratulation to all members and welcome to the board!