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#ExhangeAbility Day 24.4.2016

What does the word “accessibility” mean to you? Where was the last time you heard this word? When was the last time you thought of it?

For most people accessibility is not a word or a concept you think a lot about. For a person with an impairement, however, it is. As Azra Tayebi, an accessibility researcher from Joensuu states: “As visually impaired person I
do not have a day without this word, but I am aware that is not the case for most of the people. Majority of our community not only are not familiar with the concept and its necessity , but they also have not heard the word so often”

That’s why ESNJoensuu together with all other ESN sections all around Finland is organizing a social media campaign in order to give visibility to this word and concept. Tayebi, the local coordinator for the project called
“ExchangeAbility” explains, that the idea is to collect photos of people holding their answer to the question “what is accessibility to you” in their hands.

All the photos will be published in Facebook and possibly other social media channels on 24th of April. The more photos hashtagged with #ExchangeAbility #PinkPower #ExchangeAbilityDay and posted on social media, the more visibility for accessibility.

So how to join the campaign?

It is super simple! All you need is to have someone take a photo of you holding a sign stating what accessibility means to you, post it on social media and hashtag it with #ExchangeAbility #PinkPower #ExchangeAbilityDay!

If you have any further questions, you can contact Azra at: azra.tayebi@gmail.com