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Kilometrikisa cycling challenge is here again!

Kilometrikisa, a lighthearted, free competition for teams that is open for every workplaces, departments, associations, clubs or any other teams, aims to encourage bicycle commuting and promote everyday cycling. Kilometrikisa took place from 1 May to 22 September 2015.

In Kilometrikisa team members record cycling kilometers and the team with the highest number of kilometers will win.

University of Eastern Finland , Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Savonia University of Applied Sciences have their own teams in Kilometrikisa. All students and staff members are welcome to attend these teams (NB! you don’t need to have SYKETTÄ sticker).

Follow these instructions:

1. Visit the web page: http://www.kilometrikisa.fi/teams/join/

2. Fill in  your personal information

3. Choose the campus code below:

SYKETTÄ Joensuu. Code 7953

SYKETTÄ Kuopio. Code 5623

SYKETTÄ Savonlinna. Code 8976

More information: https://www.kilometrikisa.fi/