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The world in 2030? ISYY’s development cooperation week in Joensuu 10.–14.10.2016

What kind of a world would you like to live in in the year 2030? What could we do today to achieve it?

The development cooperation week, also known as #kehyviikko, is an event organized by the student union of the University of Eastern Finland and it will take place in Joensuu. The theme of the event is the UN’s Agenda 2030: 17 sustainable development goals to be achieved by the year 2030. The different events of kehyviikko should raise thoughts on what we can do to achieve these goals.


All week:

Agenda 2030 exhibition at Carelia

Monday October 10th:

6:30 pm presenting the film “Tomorrow” at Kulttuurikahvila Laituri (Itäranta 10)

Tuesday October 11th:

10am to 2pm Assocations presenting at Carelia
10am to 2pm Inequality coffee at Carelia
3pm to 4pm ICYE information session at room C2 (Carelia)

Wednesday October 12th:

4pm Information and discussion on human trafficking (in English) at room AU203 (Aurora)

Thursday October 13th:

1pm to 3pm Lecture on sustainable tourism (in Finnish), room N101 (Natura)
4pm to 5:30 pm Joensuu Debate Society is organizing a debate (in English), room AU205 (Aurora)

Friday October 14th:

10am to 2pm Brunch and clothes exchange at Suvas (Suvantokatu 6, entrance from Torikatu)
9am to 7pm Body shop presenting their new facial masks (Shopping center Iso Myy, Kauppakatu 24)

The event on Facebook:

ISYY:n kehitysyhteistyöviikko Joensuussa

Social media:

Facebook: ISYY Kehitysyhteistyöviikko / ISYY Development Cooperation week
Instagram: @kehyviikkoisyy
Twitter: @kehyviikkoISYY

Questions? Contact the kehyviikko coordinator:

Jenna Kosonen, jennakos@student.uef.fi, 0400985275