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Changes in the pricing of bus tickets sold by Matkahuolto and in the terms of discount 1.9.2017

There are some changes in the pricing of bus tickets and in the terms of discount starting on the first of September. From now on, Matkahuolto will sell all of the single tickets in the price that each bus company has set for the single tickets of their own shifts. This procedure is familiar for customers from the web page of Matkahuolto where, for example, the Internet discount tickets have been available, priced by the bus companies themselves. Now the same procedure expands to every single ticket sold by Matkahuolto. In the future the validity of the singe ticket will be shift and/or bus company specific.

Discounts change subjectively with different bus companies

From the beginning of September, also the discounts granted from bus tickets are bus company specific. The terms of discounts decided by bus companies may differ from the terms of discounts that Matkahuolto has used until now and also from each other concerning the discount percent. After the change, all discount priced ticket of bus companies can still be bought from Matkahuolto just as they have been before.

Cards that justify for discount will remain unchanged and they can be checked on the web page of Matkahuolto. You can, for example, get student discount with Matkahuolto’s own student card and the student organisations’ student cards that have Matkahuolto’s logo in case the bus company grants student discount.

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