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FSHS appointment booking rescheduling and cancellation practices will change from 31 July 2018

FSHS units strive to use all appointment and examination slots efficiently and minimise the number of unused slots. To ensure this, the notification, cancelling and rescheduling practices for students’ appointment bookings will change starting from 31 July 2018 as follows:

A booking fee of € 35 will be charged for uncancelled, missed appointments. This will apply to all appointments except laboratory appointments.

– Appointments may be cancelled or rescheduled no later than one full day (24 hours) prior to the appointment. Appointments cancelled or rescheduled after this time will be subject to a booking fee of € 35. This will apply to all appointments, except laboratory appointments and treatment-related group appointments.
– Students can manage their appointments using the Self service. If you are cancelling or rescheduling an appointment too late, the system will notify you that a booking fee will be charged. You can also cancel appointments by calling your unit’s automated appointment cancellation line.
– From now on, students who have activated our appointment reminders service will receive SMS reminders two full days (48 hours) prior to their appointment. The system will not send a reminder if the appointment has been rescheduled. Any notification system malfunctions or other changes to the system will have no effect on the charging practices described above. Would you like to receive reminders for your appointments? Activate this service via Self
– Students who find a fee has been charged incorrectly may submit a request to have the invoice corrected FSHS online services

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