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Help and support in crisis

If you feel you would like to have help going through and handling the unfortunate incident involving two international students on Tuesday 18.9.2018 in Joensuu, here is a list of different parties that can help and support you with the process:

Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS/YTHS):

You can make an appointment with FSHS to discuss and go through the incident and get help in dealing with it. You can make the appointment by visiting FSHS (Yliopistokatu2, Aurora building, entrance B) in person Mon-Fri between 9 am – 12 pm (noon) or by calling +358 46 710 1082 Mon – Thu 8 am – 3 pm (8-15), Fri 8 am – 2 pm (8-14). You may also leave a call-back request to public health nurse Lotta Sivonen or public health nurse Arja Makkonen (head of unit).

Finnish Student Health Service Joensuu unit contact information

FSHS is the primary caretaker for students in matters of mental or physical health. If the FSHS health centre is closed you should contact the public healthcare. In urgent cases, contact North Karelia Central Hospital, call +358 (0)13 171 6161. Address: Tikkamäentie 16, Joensuu.

Joensuu Congregation:

Joensuu Congregation organises an international worship service on Friday 21.9.2018 at 5 pm (17:00) at Parish hall (Kirkkokatu 28). After the worship, service soup and tea will be served and you can stay and discuss with the parish workers and pray together. You can also approach the workers individually.

Contact information: Coordinator of International Work Paula Harju, paula.harju@evl.fi, tel. +358 50 438 7473 and Pastor of International Work, Sanna Kauppinen, sanna.kauppinen@evl.fi, tel. +358 50 4650 641.

University Chaplain:

You can also contact the University Chaplain Tiina Belov if you would like to discuss the incident with someone.

Contact information: University Chaplain, supervisor Tiina Belov, tiina.belov@evl.fi, tel. +358 50 590 6527


Welcome to Joensuun Setlementti’s Global Friday theme night of racism on 28th of September 2018. What can I do when I see or face racism? Which issues should be reported and to whom? Global Friday at Joensuun Setlementti, Niskakatu 4 from 17 to 20 o’clock. The program starts at 17:30. Evening is co-organized with: Itä-Suomen yliopisto – University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Joensuu district multicultural association JoMoni ry, North Karelian Society for Social Security Pohjois-Karjalan Sosiaaliturvayhdistys ry.

North Karelia Crisis Center:

North Karelia Crisis Center provides crisis assistance and support in order to prevent mental health problems.

The trained professionals provide support to individuals, couples and families with various difficult situations in life. You may need help dealing with

– marital or family problems
– worries and stress in everyday life
– loss of a loved one
– stress regarding studies or work
– a traumatic experience
– any other difficult life situation

Short-term crisis intervention is provided free of charge and you can choose to receive services anonymously. All contacts are confidential. We provide referrals to appropriate professional services if needed.

The Crisis Center operates by appointment. Time can be booked on Mon-Fri at 10-14 tel. +358 13 316 244. We offer an easy-to-approach forum to face to face help. Usually time is booked within 2-3 days from reservation. For the moment help in English is available from the beginning of October.

Alternatively, you can book appointment for a video-call, in which case a secure video connection is arranged to your pc or tablet.

– Acute crisis work
– Counselling
– Video-call
Open: Monday-Wednesday 9-20, Thursday 9-18, Friday 9-15:30

Contact Information:
Telephone: Appointment scheduling at 10-14 (Mon-Fri) tel. +358 13 316 244.
E-mail: toimisto(at)pohjoiskarjalankriisikeskus.fi
Address: Siltakatu 14 A 11, 4th floor, 80100 Joensuu

Victim support Finland (Rikosuhripäivystys):

The aim of Victim Support Finland (RIKU) is to improve the position of victims of crime, their loved ones and witnesses in criminal cases e.g. by producing low threshold support and guidance services.

RIKU can help if:
– you are a victim of crime or you suspect you are a victim of crime
– someone close to you has become a victim of crime
– you are a witness in a criminal case
– your customer has become a victim of crime
– you would like advice or discussion help related to a crime you have faced
– you would like advice as a professional/volunteer on your customer’s case

You will receive support and advice at your own terms. You will receive answers for e.g. the following questions:
– How and where do I report a crime?
– What is preliminary investigation, consideration of charges, mediation?
– When can punishment be demanded and what importance does it have?
– How can compensation be claimed and how much can be claimed?
– What happens after the police hearing?
– How can a restraining order be applied for?
– Who pays for legal costs?
– What is an attorney needed for?
– Where can I find an attorney?
– What happens in court?
– How do I react to media?
– Where can I get practical advice?
– Who can give me emotional support?

You can contact us by phone or online. You can also agree on a personal appointment at a local service point. If you wish, you can also contact us anonymously. RIKU is committed to complying with the ethical principles of voluntary phone and online support. This means that we enable confidential discussions anonymously. The support services are based on professionally managed voluntary work.

Contact RIKU:
– Helpline tel. 116 006 The helpline is open Mon – Tues (1 pm – 9 pm) and Wed – Fri (5 pm – 9 pm).
RIKUchat – online service. The chat is a quick and easy online service, where you can ask, tell about and obtain advice in regards to criminal cases. Questions can also be asked and discussed anonymously. The chat is open on weekdays (9 am – 3 pm) and also on Mondays at 5 pm – 7 pm.
– Joensuu service point:
Siltakatu 14 B 26, 4th floor, 80100 Joensuu. We mainly operate during business hours at the service points. If necessary, you can ask for evening appointments.
Counselor Annariina Tahvanainen tel. +358 40 725 6001
Regional offices’ joint email address itasuomi (at) riku.fi

JoMoni (Joensuu district multicultural association):

Have you or anyone you know experienced racism in Joensuu? Have you witnessed a situation where somebody has behaved in a racist manner? Would you because of your work like to talk about racism or any case of discrimination which has come to your attention?

Please contact Joensuu area anti-racist task group.
The quickest way to contact Anti-racist task group is to phone Jomoni worker: Henna Middeke +358447577682 or to email: henna.middeke@jomoni.fi. You can also use an online form which you will find from JoMoni’s website.

You can also contact JoMoni by email (info@jomoni.fi) or by visiting (address: Koulukatu 24 B 13).

Study Psychologist:

Study Psychologist Mari Tirronen can help you if you feel you have difficulties to concentrate on your studies because of the incidence and get help on study related matters.

Contact information: Study Psychologist Mari Tirronen, mari.tirronen@uef.fi, tel. +358 50 569 1806

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