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Iloa & valoa Savilahdessa -event on Saturday 8.9. at 2 pm–10 pm

An outdoor movie night in a dusky early autumn evening. Having a picnic with a relaxing music at Savilahti lakeshore. A mysterious visit to the caves in Savilahti. All this and a lot of more!

Iloa ja valoa in Savilahti is a new outdoor event that takes place in Savilahti on 8th of September at 2 pm–10 pm. The event is free of charge and open for everyone. The theme of the event is joy and light!

The program includes exploring the caves, workshops for the whole family, light art, bands, parkour, geocaching, nature walk in Savisaari, architecture walk, picnic, street art and lots more. The evening culminates to outdoor movie Mamma Mia! – Here we go again.

More Information:

Savilahti.com: Iloa ja valoa
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