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Kuopio Campus: changes in parking arrangements

The number of cars at the Kuopio Campus is on a constant rise. Staff members have given feedback on the insufficiency of parking spaces in the parking areas of the Snellmania and Canthia buildings. Furthermore, as the number of clients visiting the dental clinic has risen, also client parking is on the rise. This is why there will be changes in parking arrangements at the Kuopio Campus.

Student parking is limited to the P2 parking area behind the Melania building. This parking area has been clearly underused, and this is a way to increase the parking area’s utilisation rate. There are a total of 255 parking spaces in the P2 parking area. Parking in this area is allowed with a student or a staff parking permit.

In parking areas P1 and P3–P6, there are a total of 586 parking spaces for staff members. Furthermore, these areas comprise a total of 71 parking spaces reserved for customer, pay, disabled, maintenance and disc parking.

The number of pay parking spaces will be increased gradually to meet the needs of the dental clinic.

The new parking arrangements will become effective as from 1 January 2014.

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Published on 2.1.2014