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Students kick off their parliamentary election campaign

The cornerstones of the Finnish society are our high competence and our internationally renowned education system. By investing in education we are investing in the future of Finland. Change the course of Finland, make a promise for education (#koulutuslupaus).

Students kick off their parliamentary election campaign in all over Finland on Wednesday 25th February. The campaign start will also take place in Joensuu and Kuopio on the same day.

We will invite election candidates on Wednesday 25th February at 11.30–13.00 to Shopping Centre Iso Myy (Kauppakatu 26, Joensuu). And candidates in Kuopio are invited  at 11.30–13.00 to Lukema (located in Studentia, Kuopio campus). For the election candidates there will be an entrance examination, in which the candidates’ know-how will be tested and updated about the education. The exam starts at 12.00. Let’s find out who will recognize the importance of education and student welfare! And whose promises for education will receive the students’ approval.

The event is organized by the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) together with the Student Union of Karelia University of Applied Sciences (POKA) and the Student Union of Savonia University of Applied Sciences (SAVOTTA).

More information:

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