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SYL: The best election promise is a promise for education

Comment 25.2.2015

The best election promise is a promise for education – Finland will rise through education!

The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) and the Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK demand concrete action from the parliamentary candidates to save education. The students want to remind the candidates that there have already been too many cuts to education, and that no more economies should be made under the new government.

“We have reached the end of the road of making cuts to our future. Together, the parties should invest in developing competence and equal opportunities to study. We can’t afford to lose a single generation”, Jari Järvenpää, President of SYL, and Joonas Peltonen, Chairperson of SAMOK, emphasise.

The students are urging the future policy makers to change Finland’s course by making a promise for education. During the next term, they should invest in easily available, high quality education and the students’ ability to study by making sure that all university students have access to a sufficient livelihood and suitable health care services.

“Even during hard times Finland has made the brave decision to invest in education, which has changed Finland’s course. Now, many parties have also made education one of their most important themes, but we have heard of few concrete measures. It is time for the candidates to bring out the measures to protect education! By investing in education, students’ wellbeing and livelihood we will create future employees, who will provide a stable foundation for the welfare society,” the President of SYL and the Chairperson of SAMOK remind us.

The Promise for Education campaign, launched by university students, will challenge the candidates to make concrete promises on investing in education and the future.

Change Finland’s course, make a promise for education:

1.Education remains free
2.FSHS for all university students
3.The financial aid for students will not be weakened
4.No cuts to education

Promise for Education on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/koulutuslupaus

The campaign will be launched on Wednesday 25th February all over Finland.

Further information:

President Jari Järvenpää (SYL), 044 906 5007, firstname.lastname@syl.fi
Chairperson Joonas Peltonen (SAMOK), 050 389 1000, firstname.lastname@samok.fi

Questions about the Promise for Education campaign can also be addressed to:

Information Officer Riitta Käppi, (SYL), 041 515 2228, firstname.lastname@syl.fi
Communications Officer Henna Sihvonen, (SAMOK), 050 389 1016, firstname.lastname@samok.fi