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Voting for the Representative Council Elections has begun

Voting for ISYY’s Representative Council Elections has begun. The actual election days are 3.–4.11.2015 (between 9 am and 6 pm).

Eligible voters have received a link by email via which the voting is done electronically. Link directs to the login page of the electronic ballot box (registration with UEF username and password). You can also visit the voting place at your campus and vote. There is also candy given to voters! Voting places are organized as follows:

Tue 3.11. 11am-1pm Lobby of Canthia
Wed 4.11. 11am-1pm Lobby of Snellmania

Tue 3.11. 10am-2pm Lobby of Carelia
Wed 4.11. 10am-2pm Lobby of Carelia

Eligible voters include members of the Student Union (ISYY) who have registered their presence at the university before 14th October 2015. This year, the elections have altogether 173 candidates and 13 lists of candidates.

More information:
Election website
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