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Design a picture for ISYY’s canvas bags and win food for the whole week!

Intrigued? Good, here’s the deal! ISYY is planning to make ecological canvas bags to make ISYY’s brand stronger (and save the nature, obviously). On one side of the canvas bag there will be ISYY’s logo, but the other side is missing your crazy and creative ideas! So take a part the competition and create a design for the other side of the canvas bag. Below you can find detailed information about the measurements and the deadlines for the competition. What about the colour of the canvas bag? Well, you let your imagination run free and once we choose the winning picture(s), then the colour of the bag will be chosen! After the design competition is over, ISYY will sell the canvas bags to its members.

Competition time: 5.4.-30.4.2017
Where to send the ready design?: Send it here with your contact information: sara.peltola@isyy.fi // Subject: Canvas bag design competition
Print size: length 21 cm x height 31 cm
Document format: .pdf or .eps
Resolutio: minimum 300 dpi
Number of winning pictures: 1-2
Prize: One week’s worth of student meals (7 tickets) in student restaurants (a student card is required) AND a surprise goodie bag
What can be in the design?: Whatever you feel like, it can be a meme, a piece of modern art, a comic, a text etc,… But within the limits of good taste.
Ownership of the design: When you apply for the competition, you will automatically give all the ownership rights of the design to ISYY
Who decide which canvas will win?: ISYY’s executive board will choose the winner(s)
When will the winner(s) be published?: 5.5.2017

More information:

Sara Peltola, Worklife and entrepreneur cooperation sector of the Executive Board
, sara.peltola@isyy.fi, p. 044 576 8402