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Energy Saving Week on 8.–14.10.2018

Energy Saving Week takes place on 8.–14.10.2018 with the theme ‘sensible use of energy and materials’. ISYY, UEF and Fazer campus restaurants will take part in the week also this year with news flashes and other events. For example, the campus restaurants serve meals that save energy and materials and when you buy a Fairtrade coffee or tea on your own mug, you will get a discount of 20 %.

You can also participate by sharing you best tip for saving energy as a text or video on the Energy Saving Corner in Yammer. Best tips will be rewarded!

Week’s programme

MON Use energy wisely – Small deeds matter!
Turn off lights and computer when you are not working, ride a bicycle to work www.fiksustitoihin.fi, prepare food that takes less energy, tips for decreasing the amount of food waste www.saasyödä.fi.

TUE Share your best tips and ideas!
Idea Corner of UEF – share your tips on the sensible use of energy and materials or take part in a video competition and present your tip on a short video. Save your video. Both students and staff can participate. The best tip or video will be rewarded! The best ideas that can be executed will be taken forward at the university.

WED Coffee and tea on your own mug -20 %
Pick up coffee or tea on your own mug from the Fazer restaurants and cafeterias. The restaurants will also serve food that has been prepared by using energy and materials sensibly.  Vegetarian food will save energy and materials. Live a bio-waste-free day – don’t throw food in the carbage!

THURS Staff and students’ event
ISYY and the university units will campaign for the sensible use of energy and materials.  For example, work from home.

FRI What have we done and achieved at the University?
Small deeds matter – and the euros you save can be used on other things.

SAT-SUN  the weekend of sensible use of energy and material
Fill your grocery bag with environment friendly products. Take a shorter shower and save water. Turn off your sauna stove after you have bathed. Turn off lights that you don’t need. Ride a bike or walk instead of driving.

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