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Free bread will be handed out to students again from ISYY offices in Fall 2017

Students can pick up free bread from ISYY offices also in the Fall Semester 2017.

Bread will be handed out at ISYY’s campus offices starting from Wednesday Aug the 16th in Joensuu (Haltia 2nd floor, Yliopistokatu 7), Monday Sept the 4th in Savonlinna (Kuninkaankartanonkatu 7) and Tuesday Sept the 5th in Kuopio (Lukema, Studentia, Yliopistonranta 3). Bread will arrive at the offices on the above mentioned weekdays. In Kuopio, free bread is also usually available on Fridays.

Bread will arrive at the offices before noon, usually around ten am and it will be handed out as long as there is some left. ISYY’s Joensuu office is closed on Wednesdays, but students can pick up bread from outside the office door.

The bread handed out comes from super markets, bakeries and restaurants. Its best before date has expired and it cannot be sold but may be handed out. Volunteers will collect the bread and supply it to specified distributors.

Please note, that in some occasions there might not be enough bread to be handed out at ISYY offices or there might only be a very small amount of it.

ISYY will do its best to inform its members of any exceptions in the bread distribution via its communication channels.

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