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FSHS informs: New language strategy, travel advice service’s new phone number and video consultations

New FSHS language strategy took effect on 1 Jan. 2014

The new FSHS language strategy, approved by the Board of Trustees on 2 Sep. 2013, became effective on 1 Jan. 2014. The aim of the strategy is to guarantee equal services for all students.

The language strategy contains a service promise for FSHS clients. According to this promise, students in bilingual areas will receive service in good Finnish and Swedish; those whose first language is not Finnish or Swedish will receive service in at least acceptable English.

The FSHS website publishes current information on services and other information for clients in Finnish, Swedish and English. The most important patient guides and health promotion material are also published in Finnish, Swedish and English.

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The FSHS travel advice service’s phone number has changed

The new travel advice service’s phone number is 046 710 1092. New number replaced the previous number (046 710 1099).

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Video consultations available during appointments with FSHS nurses

The use of distance (video) consultations during appointments with FSHS public health nurses will be launched in January. In practice, this means a doctor or another student healthcare professional can be present during the appointment via a video link.

Distance consultations will further improve students’ access to FSHS services by serving as a complement to conventional appointments. They will be particularly useful in towns where the full range of student healthcare services cannot be provided. Distance consultations allow FSHS nurses to consult professionals such as psychologists, psychiatric nurses, dermatologists, GPs and sexual health counsellors.

Distance consultations will initially be introduced at the FSHS units in Tampere, Joensuu, Savonlinna, Lappeenranta and Turku. This is a pilot experiment, during which feedback on distance consultations and their usefulness in different treatment situations will be collected from both patients and staff members. If the use of distance consultations is extended to other units at a later date, information on this will be provided on the FSHS website at the time.

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