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Important information for exchange students leaving Kuopio

Here’s some useful information for those leaving Finland for good!  Please read the information carefully.

Things to do at the office of International Mobility Services (Canthia, oppari)

Ms Kirsi Konttinen will be in the office to sign and stamp your documents: on Fri 8 Dec at 10-11, on Mon 11 Dec at 14-15, on Tue 12 Dec at 12-13.30, on Wed 13 Dec at 10-11, on Thu 14 Dec at 10-11, on Fri 15 Dec at 12-13.30, on Mon 18 Dec at 13-14 and on Tue 19 Dec at 10-11. After that she will be on Christmas holiday and will return to work on 4 Jan 2018.

1)    Departure Information Form and Request for Transcript 

All the exchange students/trainees should fill out this form and return it to me (Canthia, 2nd floor, Oppari) before leaving. Please fill out the form online, print and sign it and bring it to Kirsi’s office before leaving Kuopio.

As soon as all the courses are marked for you, UEF will post the Transcript to you to the address you have given on the form. If all the courses are already in your student register, please fill out this form and return it and you can collect the transcript right away.  Please note that if you don’t return this form, UEF won’t be able to send the transcript to you.

2)    Letter of Confirmation

If your home University has given you their own Letter of Confirmation (or any other document proving the length of your exchange), please bring them with you so they can be signed. If your home university has not given you any forms, please check with them if they have a form you should use. If not, Kirsi will give you the UEF one. Please make sure you receive a Letter of Confirmation before you leave Kuopio.

Please note that we will sign the Letter of Confirmation at the very end of your stay in Kuopio because the certificate states the exact dates of your exchange period. The Letter of Confirmation cannot be issued earlier than seven days prior to your official departure from Kuopio.

3)    Feedback

We would love to hear about your experiences in Kuopio and develop our services for international students. Please spend a few minutes to fill out our online Feedback Form.

Other practical things to remember

1)    Kuopas

Give notice to Kuopas to end your lease at least one month before you intend to move (a written termination of the lease must be made no less than one FULL calendar month before moving out). So if you wish to leave Kuopio in December, you need to inform Kuopio about it during November, otherwise you will have to pay the rent for January, too! For more information, please see: http://www.kuopas.fi/ -> tenant info -> the end of tenancy agreement

Check that your rent and other bills have been paid

Make sure that you clean up the room carefully before moving out. If the room is not cleaned up properly, Kuopas has the right to have the room tidied up at your expense, meaning that the cost of the cleaning will be deducted from your deposit.

Return your keys to Kuopas and leave your exact bank details, so that the guarantee payment (deposit) can be returned to you

2)    Library (University and city library)

Return all the library books you have borrowed and pay for any outstanding charges

3)    Student Union office

Return your Survival Kit to the Student Union.
Check the opening hours: http://isyy.fi/en/


Close your bank account if you are not planning to return to Finland in the near future.

5 ) Notification of move

Notify the post office about your change of residence so that your mail will be forwarded to your new address. Further information: notification of move

) Unsubscribing the KISA email list

If you wish to unsubscribe the KISA email list please follow this link (scroll down for unsubscribing):