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ISYY collects stories of students’ international experiences

Hey you!

Have you been on exchange or done your internship abroad? If so ISYY’s international sector and UEF International Mobility Services NEED YOU! We would like to share your story as part of our joint social media campaign and this way encourage the UEF students to take that first and sometimes very scary step to go abroad during their studies in Finland. We will be sharing your stories on ISYY’s Instagram profile and UEF International Mobility Services will share the stories on Yammer and Facebook. The more stories we get, the better as, sadly, there is a misconception that one has to be a certain age or be in a certain field study so that the exchange period would go smoother, but with your help we would like to change that!

This social media campaign is a part for the International Week in Kuopio and Joensuu (Savonlinna 1 day). We will be posting your stories during the summer and the beginning of autumn. During the International Week in October there will be more practical information about studying abroad so that the interested students would be ready to deal with the application processes.

Interested? Please send us some pictures/videos from your exchange period abroad, add your name, age, field of study and one memory, story, funny incident, feeling about your time abroad that you would like to share with others. The materials and the information should be sent to lina.muncyte@isyy.fi with the topic ‘’KV-viikko some materiaalit’’.