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Kampusrysäys in Joensuu

In Joensuu, the Kampusrysäys will be held on Carelia yard on Wed 2.9. at 16.00–18.00. The programme includes live music played by University of Eastern Finland Choir Joy and brass band Rytmihäiriköt.

First year students’ own happening “Kaupunkisuunnistus” (‘City Orientation) starts from the event at 17.45. Bring your own picnic food with you and dine while listening to great music and watching the competitions.

Joensuu Wed 2.9.2015 at 16.00–18.00
Place: Carelia yard
16:00 Event starts
16:15 University of Eastern Finland Choir Joy
16:50 Rytmihäiriköt
17:45 City Orientation starts
18:00 Event ends

Info on Joensuu’s City Orientation:
Orientation starts from Carelia’s backyard on 2.9. at 17.45. Also other than first year students can participate. City orienteering is free for first year student: be in contact with your tutor.

Price for the whole group (from 6 to 10 people) is 25 €. You can buy the tickets to the Orientation at Kampusrysäys on 2.9. (backyard of Carelia) at 16.23. The entry fee covers the whole orientation and it’s after parties in Kerubi (rock/indie/pop) and Ilona (nighclub/dance). You will also get a badge!

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