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Kampusrysäys in Savonlinna

In Savonlinna, the Kampusrysäys will be held on the university yard area on Tue 8.9. at 15.00–18.00. There will be various programme, music and good food available. The Kampusrysäys offers visitors great music played by students´own band. The first 200 hungriest participants will also be offered pea soup from a soup cannon! Others can bring their own picnic lunch!

The programme includes a mölkky tournament (a Finnish game where wooden skittles are thrown at each other in order to gain points) and lörtsy-eating (a sort of meat pie) competition.  Winners are rewarded with surprising prizes. Gather your pals and join in!

First year students’ own happening “City Orientation” (‘Freshmen event’) starts from the event at 17.30.

SAVONLINNA Tue 8.9.2015 at 15.00–18.00
Place: University yard area
Host: Heikki Räihä

15.00 Opening ceremonies

– The picnic starts, pea soup for the first 200 hungriest
– Welcoming words (Jaakko Puhakka, UEF and Heikki Räihä, ISYY)

15.15 Music from a CD, Dj Ilari Lempiäinen

– Mölkky tournament between Savonlinna´s  Campus Board and the staff of the university
– Other competitions, enrolment on site (lörtsy-eating,)

15.45 Music: Students´ band
15.15-17.30 Music from a CD, Dj Ilari Lempiäinen
17.30 First year students will get ready to go to the City Orientation
18.00 The event ends, cleaning

Information on Savonlinna’s City Orientation:
The freshmen event City Orientation starts on 8.9. at 17.30 from Kampusrysäys at the university yard area. The event is targeted at new students. Tutors inform their own freshmen groups about the details of the event.

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