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Kuopio’s Sports afternoon Tuesday 17.2. from 12.15 to 16.00

With the headmaster’s permission the Sports afternoon is free from classes in the university.

On below there is more information about the different options that are available on that day.

Snowshoeing, ice climbing, downhill skiing, gymnastic exercises in Kunnonsali and water aerobics + spa are chargeable.

How to get in:

Registration in sports afternoon classes starts on Wednesday 28.1. at 12.00

Remember to cancel your registration by Monday 16.2. at 12.00 if you can not attend.
Please notice that if you register in some of the chargeable activity and you can’t attend take care of cancellation, so someone else can replace you. There is a payment for not used and not cancelled registration. Payment is 10 €/person.


12.15 – 12.45  Posture check out- class, 30 participants
Physiotherapist Oona Rantamäki / Opistotie sport hall.
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13.00 – 13.30 Posture check out- class, 30 participants
Physiotherapist Oona Rantamäki / Opistotie sport hall.
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13.45 – 14.30 Keep-fit exercises, max 100 participants
– Take your own fitness mat with you
– Mid heavy, but super effective muscle-tone exercise which includes easy warm-up, muscle-tone exercise and short recovering stretching at the end
– In this class we exercise all the main muscle groups in your body
– Place: Opistotie sport hall
– Enroll here!

15.00 – 15.45 Futsal / free / self playing. Opistotie sport hall
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15:45 – 16:30 Floorball/ Free / self playing. Opistotie sport hall
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Opistotie gyms are open the entire sports afternoon.

Body composition measure by Kunnonsali, in Opistotie 12.00 – ends around 15.00

Outdoor sports:

Snow volleyball in Savilahti. Juice and biscuits service.
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Snowshoeing 2 x 45 min. with a guide (20 participants/tour)
12:30 1. group, 5 €/person, Enroll here!
14:30 2. group, 5 €/person, Enroll here!

Cross-country skiing:
 15.00-16.00 Ski waxing info, Lukema (Yliopistonranta 3).

Indoor sports:

12.30 – 13.15 Bodycombat, max 100 participants
Class based on the martial arts. For everyone who are looking for a great exercises experience. Bodycombat has been inspired by f.ex. karate, kung-fu and kick-boxing. Kicking and hitting with music is nice way to develop aerobic fitness and whole body muscles.
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13.30 – 14.30 Floorball/ Free/self playing, sections 2 & 3, Enroll here!

13.30 – 14.30 Basketball/ Free/self playing, section 1, Enroll here!

14.30 – 16.00 Futsal/ Free/self playing, sections 2 & 3, Enroll here! 

14.30 – 15.00 American football “getting known the genre”/Section 1.  Nonstop come and try.

15.00 – 15.30 Rugby “getting known the genre”/ Section 1. Nonstop come and try.

Studentia and Snellmania gyms are open the entire sports afternoon.

12.00 – 15.00 Body composition measure by Kuntokeskus Fressi in Studentia, Lukema.



12.30 Instructed Ice Climbing in Neulamäki. -FULL!
– 20€/ person
– Time 4 hours, 1 group, 10 person
– Enroll before 2nd of February.

Downhill skiing to Tahko:
– Starting from Kuopio at 12.15, Return from Tahko to Kuopio at 17.00.
– At least 20 person
– 29 €/person (includes bus ticket and ski pass 3 hours)
– Enroll before 9th of February. Please enroll here! 

Downhill skiing to Kasurila:
– Starting from Kuopio at 12.15 and return from Kasurila to Kuopio at 16.30.
– Payment 14 € (includes bus ticket and ski pass for 3 hours)
– You can rent a skiing equipment (14 €)
– Enroll before 9th of February. Please enroll here!

Skating option
Normal and tour skating on Kallavesi ice, independently, not guided.
Skate cafeteria boat MS Queen R is open 11-16. You can rent Tour skates from skate cafeteria.

Skiing option
Find track map here!

Skiing lessons:
Cross-country skiing lesson
– Timetable: 12.15 -13.15
Meeting point in front of Puijo Stadium
– Max. 20 participants
– Own equipments!
Please enroll here!

Skate Skiing lesson
– Timetable: 13.30 -14.30
– Meeting point in front of Puijo Stadium
– Max. 20 participants
– Own equipments!
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Alfido, Kuntokeskus (for every shapes and sizes):
Address: Alfido Oy, Puistokatu 14-16,70110 Kuopio. See Alfido’s webpage.

Low step muscle-tone circuit at 12.30-13.30,  15 participants
Enroll here! 

Low step muscle-tone circuit at 14.00-15.00,  15 participants
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Element Studio
Address: Haapaniemenkatu 18, 3rd floor.
Gym open at 12.15 -16.00.

– at 13 Interval60 -class
– at 15 Fatburner40 -class

It takes some time to adjust the bike. So it is recommended to come on time before the class starts to adjust it . No preliminary enrolment needed.

Kunnonsali: (4 € / person / hour)

13.00 Gentle yoga, wellbeing for the back, 40 participants
– 4 € / person.
– Gently opens the body and strengthens deeper muscles with dynamic moves
– Instructed by yoga teacher Kirsi Laitinen from Kunnonsali
– Please enroll here!

14.00 Core, corsetmuscle-class, 40 participant
– 4 € / person.
– Deep midbody muscles exercise and improves posture
– Instructed  by Tuula-Riitta Mutanen, Fustra personal trainer from the Kunnonsali-gym
– Please enroll here!

Fitness center Huippu:

13.00 Fitness-karate, 20 participants
Fitness-karate classes practices easy movement and technical sets, movability and muscle strenght. Fitness-karate improves coordination, balance and bodycontrol. Classes are held in the new premises of Huippu Areena. Class is suitable for the beginners and it don’t require any earlier experience from karate. Class instructor is a multiple championship medalist Petri Toivanen.
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14.00 Firming TBS, 20 participants
RPV is a basic versatile bodyexercise. It includes 15 minutes warming up with basic step-sets, 35 minutes all around muscle exercise and 5 minutes finishing stretching. This class firms up the muscles (especially thigh, butt and stomach areas) and improves oxygen intake. Class instructor is Isa Hentunen.
Enroll here! 

15.00 Body combat, 15 participants – FULL!
Body combat is strengthening Cardio-training which energetic workout program is inspired by martial arts. The class starts with warming ups and learning all the upcoming moves. The intensive training includes different series of movements that improves your speed, strenght and stamina. It also improves your coordination, posture and body’s basic strength and stableness. One of the town’s best BodyCombat-instructors Eeva Tovala will be leading the class.

Huippu’s special offers:
During the sports afternoon there will be special offers for the students:
– 10 times pass is 50% off (normal price 94 €, discount price 47 €)
– Basic membership 39 €/month (price is without any engagements)

Bowling at BowlD1ner
– 12 €/hour/lane, shoes are included only for advanced reservations
– Booking: please call +358 50 513 3300, remember to mention that you are taking part of the university Sports afternoon
– Place: BowlD1ner Oy in IsoCee Entertainment center (Ajurinkatu 16, 70110 KUOPIO)

Bowling at Rauhalahti
– 12 €/lane, shoes are included
– Booking:  please call +358 40 557 0300 or use online booking
– Place: Bowling and entertainment center Rauhalahti Oy (Kartanonkatu 11, 70700 KUOPIO)

Wall climbing:
-5 € / person
– Place: Kuopio’s wall climbing-center VOEMA
– Address: Kaivotie 23 in Särkiniemi. See their webpage here. 

Water aerobics & spa, 40 participants
– 13.00 water aerobics 30 min + access to the spa
– 10 € / person, payment at the spa’s reception. Sport and well-being coupons can also be used
– Place: Rauhalahti Spahotel (Katiskaniementie 8, 70700 KUOPIO)
– Enroll here!

Sykettä University-sport classes continues normally after 16.00 (See SYKETTÄ webpage here )


Wing Tsung  sport-experiment from 18.00 to 19.30 at the Snellmania’s hall of mirrors.

Wing Tsung (WTg) is efficient and consistent system of martial arts that can be applied in any combat situation from self-defense to sports of combat. It is straightforward and it uses opponent’s own energy against him. Wing Tsung characteristics also includes towards directed energy and explosive power. WTg improves body coordination and strenght and gives you physical and mental skills to handle with different combat and conflict situations in normal living life such as at the gym. It is perfectly suitable for both sex and it gives you a chance to learn different ways to defend yourself.