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Plan a family friendly event! Competition for student organisations, student clubs and campus organisations

There are many students with families studying in our university, who have trouble getting inside the student life. Most of the university’s and student organisation’s events are not family friendly because of the nature or timing of the event. It’s time to take students with families into consideration when planning events. ISYY is organising a competition for student organisations, student clubs and campus organisations to come up with an idea for an event which is suitable for students with families. The winner of the competition will get a grant of 200 euros to organise the event.

The competition opens on September 19th 2018 and closes on October 21st 2018. Student organisations, student clubs and campus organisations can participate in the competition by submitting their ideas and directive budget by e-mail to ronja.makinen@isyy.fi with the headline “Event for students with families”. The Executive Board of ISYY chooses the winner after the competition closes. ISYY withholds the right to present the ideas sent to the competition in our communication channels and on our website.

After the event is organised, the organisation who received the grant is required to deliver contact information, a report and receipts of the event to ISYY. The grant is paid to the organisation after ISYY receives the report and receipts. Neglectance of delivering said report, receipts and the contact information of the organisation is an obstacle for applying and paying all ISYY’s grants. The grant is only awarded to prevent any financial loss. The awarded grant must be used before December 31st 2018.

More information:
Ronja Mäkinen
Social politics and development cooperation // The executive board of The Student Union of University of Eastern Finland
+358 44 576 8403