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Pop Up Workshop on library facilities in Carelia lobby (Joensuu) 22.11.2018 from 11am-3pm

The objective of the workshop is to collect user information from both the library staff and customers to support the development work of the Carelia building.

At spots located in the Carelia lobby, user experiences and ideas on how to develop the use of facilities, technologies and library are collected and documented.
Designers and the representatives of the University Properties of Finland (SYK) and UEF Facilities Management will attend the workshop.

In the next Pop Up Workshop, on December 11 from 10am-2pm, the ideas will be further developed with the help of blueprints.

If you have questions for the designers or University Properties of Finland Ltd, you can email to Suvi Nenonen, suvi.nenonen@sykoy.fi. Any ideas for the workshop spot themes can also be emailed to her.


University Properties of Finland Ltd (SYK), UEF Facilities Management and Library.

For more information: Marja Maijala, marja.maijala@uef.fi