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The academic year starts with Kampusrysäys

This year, the Kampusrysäys event will start the academic year of the University of Eastern Finland for the sixth time. The event will be held in Joensuu and Kuopio on Wednesday 6.9.2017 and in Savonlinna on Tuesday 12.9.2017.

At Kampusrysäys, new and continuing students as well as the university staff can get together and get to know each other while having fun. So come and listen to some good music with us and participate in other fun activities!

First year students’ own happening “Kaupunkisuunnistus” (‘City Orienteering) will also start from the event.

Kampusrysäys is organised by the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY).

You will find the programme on different campuses from below.

Joensuu Kampusrysäys and Kaupunkisuunnistus on 6.9.2017

In Joensuu, Kampusrysäys will be held on Carelia yard (Yliopistokatu 4) on Wed 6.9. at 16.00–18.00. The programme includes live music played by University of Eastern Finland Choir Joy and a brass band Rytmihäiriköt. You can also try sumo wrestling suits and ride on a mechanical bull.

First year students’ own happening “Kaupunkisuunnistus” (‘City Orienteering) starts from the event at 17.45. Bring your own picnic food with you and dine while listening to great music and watching the competitions.


16.00 Welcome speech
16.15 University of Eastern Finland Choir Joy
16.50 Rytmihäiriköt
17.45 City Orienteering starts
18.00 Event ends


Orienteering starts from Carelia’s backyard on 6.9. at 17.45. Also other than first year students can participate. City orienteering is free for first year student: be in contact with your tutor. The city orienteering ends at 22.00.

Price for the whole group (from 6 to 10 people) is 25 €. You can buy the pass to the Orienteering at Kampusrysäys on 6.9. (backyard of Carelia) at 16.23. The entry fee covers the whole orientation and it’s after parties in Ilona and Gloria. You will also get a badge! When your group has visited at least six checkpoints and turns in the pass to either after party, your group will participate in a competition, which prize will be announced shortly. Separate after party tickets will be sold at Ilona and Gloria with 3e price plus cloakroom fee.

BEST TEAM OUTFIT WINS PRIZES AS WELL: Take a photo with your group and upload it to the Joensuun Kampusrysäys ja Kaupunkisuunnistus 2017 Facebook event (link below). The group with the most likes by 10 o’clock on 11th of September will win a prize.

Facebook: Joensuun Kampusrysäys ja Kaupunkisuunnistus 2017

Kuopio Kampusrysäys and Kaupunkisuunnistus on 6.9.2017

The Kampusrysäys in Kuopio will be held in Studentia’s grounds (Yliopistonranta 3) on Wednesday 6.9.2017 at 15.30–18.00. Bring your own picnic food with you and dine while listening to great music. You can also get to know organisations presenting their activities, visit a bouncy castle and tune your campus orienteering clothes.

First year students’ own event “Kaupunkisuunnistus” (‘City Orienteering‘) starts from the Kampusrysäys as well so there are plenty of interesting things to see!


15.30 Opening ceremonies: Welcoming words by the Chair of ISYY Kuopio Section for Recreation Heidi Hämäläinen and ISYY Board member Olli Auvinen
15.35 Enrollment for City Orienteering opens at Lukema
16.00 Jasa & I’mmeinen & Budjetti ratkasu
17.15 First year students’ (also new international students’!) own event City Orienteering starts (City Orienteering groups leave at 17.15, 17.30, 17.45)
18.00 The event ends


– Pimp your team workshop in Lukema for those participating City Orienteering!
– Student Union clubs, sections and other local actors present their activities
– Bouncy castle


City Orienteering enrollment takes place at 15.35–17.00 in Lukema. Collect a team of max. 10 new students and invent a team name. When enrolling, you will get a city map with ten check points, overall badges and free ticket for afterparty. Only new students can participate in the City Orienteering.


The after party will be in Ilona. Pretickets are soon in sale at ISYY office during the opening hours.

Those participating in the City Orienteering (only new students!) will get in to Ilona for free with the ticket given to them when enrolling to the City Orienteering with their team. With your ticket, you can enter Ilona for free untill 11p.m. The ticket doesn’t include the cloakroom fee.

The winner of City Orienteering and the best team outfit will be rewarderd in Ilona.

After the party at 3.30 a.m., there is a free busride leaving from in front of Ilona to route Niirala-Puijonlaakso-Taivaanpankontie-Neulamäki-City Center.

Small changes in the programme are possible.

Facebook: Kuopion Kampusrysäys ja Kaupunkisuunnistus 2017


Savonlinna Kampusrysäys 12.9.2017

The Savonlinna Kampusrysäys starts at the university (Kuninkaankartanonkatu 7) on the 12th of September at 3 p.m. The program includes food, music and fun competitions such as a game of mölkky and eating the traditional Savonlinna lörtsy. After the event, it is time for the City Orienteering arranged by tutors!

All students of the Savonlinna campus are warmly welcomed to the campus event. 200 first to arrive will also be served free peasoup and remember to pack a picnic basket of your own!


15.00 Kampusrysäys kicks off (peasoup!)
15.00 Welcome speech
15.15–15.45 The legendary lörtsy eating competition
15.45 Music, games, fun and hanging around
16.00 Mölkky
18.00 The event ends

Facebook: Savonlinnan Kampusrysäys 2017