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The Voting Aid for the Representative Council Elections Published

The voting aid application for the Elections of the Council of Representatives for the Student Union (ISYY) has been published. Please find the voting aid on ISYY’s web page here. The application is intended to help voters to find a suitable candidate.

142 of all candidates corresponded to the voting aid. Questions include general themes related to studying and themes concerning the University of Eastern Finland. The candidates shared their opinions about matters such as how to use the membership fee and how to develop SYKETTÄ sports services.

Advance voting takes place on 21.10.–23.10. and  26.–29.10. and the actual election days are 3.−4.11.2015. All members of the student union who have registered present at the university before 14.10. are eligible voters. Voters will receive a link by email before the advance election starts. The voting is done electronically via the link.

More information:
Anu Arosanervo
Chairperson of the Central Election Committee
p. 040 7271 357, evpj2@isyy.fi

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