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What ISYY: SYKETTÄ Sports Services

Next in the #whatISYY series there is information about Sykettä Sports Services.

SYKETTÄ Sports Services offers you many kinds of sports, for example group exercise classes and gym sessions. You can also benefit offers from other service providers.

If you choose the ball sports sticker, you are entitled to use SYKETTÄ Sports Services excluding group exercise sessions. With the group exercise sticker, you are entitled to use everything that SYKETTÄ Sports Services provides.

SYKETTÄ also organises sports classes and opportunities to try out new sports. In Kuopio, you can use SYKETTÄ trainer service. SYKETTÄ trainers give you individual training programme and teach you safe gym techniques with student-friendly prices. You can also meet and discuss with our sport consults about any sport and lifestyle related issues. They all have education on health and training. In Joensuu, there is sports guidance available too, which you can access via FSHS.

SYKETTÄ Sports Services’ aim is to make exercising affordable and accessible for students.

You can subscribe a Sykettä newsletter from Sykettä website!

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