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#whatISYY: Hanging-out evening

This time the #whatISYY series presents Hanging-out evenings. Conveniently, the Joensuu Hanging-out evening takes place today on 15.10. starting at 6 pm in Suvas.

Hanging-out (or Hang-out) evenings are open events for all students. They are organized by the ISYY Section of Advocacy and student organizations. We try to organize events once a month during the school year and inform about the events in Facebook and Weekly Feed. The purpose of the evenings is to relax and get to know each other in an alcohol-free environment.

Hanging-out evenings in Kuopio are held mostly in Lukema and there is always some snacks available and maybe some organized activities. The board game selection is always available and depending on the time of the year and Your wishes, other activities are planned. You can come to check out or stay the whole evening without enrollment.

In Joensuu, you can hang out at Suvas (Suvantokatu 6). At the Joensuu Hanging-out evenings you will also get to enjoy some snacks and will have something fun to do, often this includes board games. In addition, you will have a chance to go to the sauna!