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Who is teacher of the year 2015?

UEF´s Rector and Academic rector award once a year distinguished UEF teacher with the title “Teacher of the Year”. Award is nominated by Student Union and it will be given to teachers in Kuopio, Joensuu and Savonlinna campus. Student Union is waiting for your proposal who should be nomitated as a teacher of this year. Proposals can be made by single student or student organization.

Teacher of the year should have following qualities:
– He/she develops open-minded and innovatively in his/her pedagogical skills
– He/she works in the University for the Student
– He/she is skilled instructor
– His/her teaching leads to a high-quality learning
– He/she is approachable and supportive
– He/she collects feedback from students and gives also his/her reply
– He/she has other qualities not listed here

Deadline for proposals with grounds is 17th of April at twelve o’clock. Please make your nomination here! Award is given for the chosen Teachers of the Year in the opening of the University semester in Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna where awarded teacher is holding a lecture in he/she specialty area.

More information:
Secretary for Interest Advocacy Satu Koikkalainen (Joensuu-Savonlinna) soko@isyy.fi, 050 535 3376
Secretary for Interest Advocacy Mikko Aaltonen (Kuopio) koso@isyy.fi, 044 576 8414