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Statement: Student health care must be secured and unified

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), The Student Union of Karelia University of Applied Sciences (POKA), The Student Union of Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences (MAMOK) and The Student Union of Savonia University of Applied Sciences (SAVOTTA) demand that the unique role of Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) as a provider of student health care is preserved as part of the health and social services reform, and that FSHS be developed to serve all higher education students. FSHS has been a major contributor in improving students’ wellbeing and in preventing health issues. The expertise FSHS has gathered over the decades of health care work with young adults should be noted as well.

Several cuts have been made to education and students’ means of subsistence during the past ten years, which has not only become evident in the financial situation of the state, but also in the mental and physical health of students. If the situation keeps moving in this direction, students will be asked to meet even more demanding expectations and will be under more stress. Therefore, it is essential that health care services are readily available for students.

FSHS is a continuously developing organisation that cooperates with other wellbeing and sports service providers. FSHS is easily accessible to students and provides low-threshold mental health care services. Despite all this, FSHS health care is not currently provided for UAS students. ISYY, POKA, MAMOK and SAVOTTA demand that UAS students would be offered the same health care services as university students.

ISYY, POKA, MAMOK and SAVOTTA would like to emphasise the role FSHS plays in preventing health issues in addition to supporting students during their studies as well as after graduation. ISYY, POKA, MAMOK and SAVOTTA call on the policy makers to consider student health care during the health, social services and regional government reform consultation. FSHS must continue to be a part of students’ everyday life in the future!

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