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The voter turnout for the fifth Representative Council elections of ISYY was 30.1 %

Voting of the Representative Council elections of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland closed on the 8th of November 2017 at 6pm. The elected people form the highest decision-making body of the Student Union, the 39-member Representative Council, for the following two-year term of office.

Puolueettomat and DeeKu are celebrating their electoral victories, both got 7 positions into the Representative Council.

Candidates receiving the most votes were Tommi Manninen (126 votes, Joensuun Kylterit) and Iida-Lotta Sutinen (82 votes, Puolueettomat).

The elections had 181 candidates from 14 different lists of candidates.

The voter turnout became 30.1 % (4037 votes), which is much higher than in 2015. In 2015, the voter turnout was 24,3 % (3250 votes). Altogether eligible voters gave 2540 votes (18,95 %) in advance in the elections on 30.10.–3.11.2017. The elections were held completely electronically.

– The 30 % voter turnout is an excellent and a long term goal. The candidate lists succeeded in their campaign and activated the voters. A big thanks to them for their excellent work, says Sami Gabbouj, Chair of the Central Election Committee.

The new Representative Council will convene first time on the 8th of December 2017, when it for example chooses itself a Chairperson and appoints the formateur of the next year’s Executive Board. The Representative Council’s term of office lasts for two years.

The Central Election Committee performed the counting of votes on the 8th of November 2017 when the voting ended at 6 pm.

Elections results and comparison to the previous elections can be found here.

Representative Council groups’ distribution of positions (change to 2015):

DeeKu: 7 (+ 1)
FaBio: 4 (new)
ISYY:n Demariopiskelijat: 2 (- 1)
ISYY:n yhteiskuntatieteilijät: 1 (new)
Itä-Suomen Vihreä Vasemmisto: 4 (- 2)
Keskeiset: 5 (+ 2)
Kuopion Luonnontieteellinen Edustajistolista: 2 (new)
Kylterit Joensuu: 2 (new)
Kylterit Kuopio: 1 (new)
Oikeat: 1 (-1)
Perussuomalaisten Nuorten lista: 0 (-1)
Puolueettomat: 7 (+ 3)
Syndikalistit: 0 (new)
Vihreä lista: 3 (no change)

Three candidates who received the most votes:

Tommi Manninen, Kylterit Joensuu: 126
Iida-Lotta Sutinen, Puolueettomat: 82
Jonni Nykänen, DeeKu: 80

Additional information:

Sami Gabbouj, Chairperson of the Central Election Committee, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, tel. 045 355 9399, sami.gabbouj@uef.fi

Jarno Mäki, Vice chair of the Central Election Committee, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, tel. 044 083 2100, jarno.maki@gmail.com

Anna-Kristiina Mikkonen, Secretary for the Central Election Committee, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, tel. 044 576 8417, paasihteeri@isyy.fi

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Results of the elections
18.95 % voted in advance in the ISYY’s Representative Council elections

Updated on 9.11.2017: the changes to 2015 added
Updated on 13.11.2017: the number of votes given (change of one vote) and the result lists have been updated on the basis of the recount check up)