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Organisation grant application for autumn 2018

In its meeting on the 22nd of March 2018, the Executive Board of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) has decided to open a call for organisation grant applications for autumn 2018. The organisation grants are divided into general grants and project grants. For the autumn 2018, the call for applications concerns only the project grants.

Project grants are intended for organisations of all sizes to support projects financially alongside organisations’ own funding and possible external funding. Project grants are allocated for student organisations, campus organisations and Student Union’s clubs, on the grounds of how their project plans are reviewed. Project grants can be granted only for those organisations where at least half of the members are members of the Student Union. A grant is paid only to secure loss. Clubs of the student organisations cannot apply for a grant, the applicant of the grant must be the student organisation itself.

Project grants are distributed twice a year: in autumn and in spring. Project grants can be applied for purposes such as printing quotas, rents of the Student Union’s facilities and to cover organisation’s expenses of organising an event or making a publication. It is advisable to do the grant application carefully, because often there are so many submitted applications that grants cannot be allocated for everyone. Justifications and attachments are essential concerning the allocation of grants.

Equality and its promotion is a specific theme and basis of distribution in the project grants allocated for the autumn 2018. Other themes are interdisciplinarity, work life relations, internationality, non-alcoholic events and promotion of sports. Grants can also be allocated for various sorts of events, as long as the grant application has good justifications and the event supports students’ well-being and comfort in a way that Student Union approves. Projects are required to favour Fair Trade products and take the environmental friendliness into account.

Student Union’s priority order of the grant allocations is student organisations, clubs and other campus organisations.

The application period is during 3rd to 30th of April 2018. Applications for the projects that will be organised during autumn 2018 shall be submitted through the electronic project grant application form, at the latest on the 30th of April 2018 at 12 (midday).

The form opens on Tuesday the 3rd of April at 10am. Project plan shall be attached into the application and the project plan shall contain the budget of the project. All attachments shall be sent via email to address jarjestoasiantuntija@isyy.fi, by the 30th of April at 12 (midday). Email shall be headlined as follows: “Attachments of the autumn 2018’s project grant *organisation* (for example Attachments of the autumn 2018’s project grant Socius). The attachment documents shall be named as follows: “Project_grant_autumn2018_attachments_organisation” (for example Project_grant_autumn2018_attachments_Socius). Applications that are sent overdue will not be processed.

Once a project has been completed, the organisation that has received a grant is obligated to deliver a report of the project for the Student Union. Grant allocated for a project will not be paid until the report has been delivered and inspected. Grant has to be used by the 31st of December 2018.

The Executive Board of the Student Union decides on allocating the project grants in May. Contact person mentioned in the application will be informed about the decision.

Instructions for making a project grant application can be found at ISYY’s website, at the section Regulations and instructions, under the headline Instructions.

 Project grant application form

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